Love Divided Netflix Soundtrack: Listen to Every Song

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Aitana in Netflix's Love Divided

The original soundtrack of Netflix's newest movie, Love, Divided, has a soothing score created by Arnau Bataller. 

Love, Divided tells the story of two neighbors (David and Valentina) who established a strong connection after starting a conversation through the wall separating their apartment. The Spanish romantic comedy movie is based on the French comedy, Blind Date.

Love, Divided premiered on Netflix on April 12.

Listen to Love Divided's Soundtrack 

Love, Divided's soundtrack has three tracks featuring a piece by Ludwig van Beethoven, a song by Aitana Ocaña, and an original score from Arnau Battler.

Piano Concerto No. 3 by Ludwig van Beethoven

"Piano Concerto No. 3" is a piece composed by Ludwig van Beethoven that he introduced on April 5, 1803.  

In the film, the piece is played in the background as David gets disturbed by the metronome that Valentina sets up to distract him while he creates his game. 

It is also the same piece that Valentina is practicing before the audition that she tries to get into. 

Listen to the piece:

Cuando Sera - Aitana Ocaña

"Cuando Sera" is a song performed by Aitana Ocaña, the actress who plays Valentina, in Love, Divided.

The song is composed by Colombian singer Sebastian Yatra in collaboration with Tommy Torres. 

Speaking with Los 40 (via Infobae) Ocaña opened up about including the song in the Netflix film, confirming that she changed some of the lyrics so that "it made sense with Valentina:"

“The song was from Sebastián [Yatra]. Sebastián started it with Tommy Torres, and I got into that song. It's a song that we both recorded, which never came out because we felt it wasn't the time. It was such a beautiful song that I asked Sebastián if I could keep it for the movie, and I changed all the lyrics so that it made sense with Valentina. He was happy that it was that way, so I changed all the lyrics, recorded it myself, and for the movie. Yes, that is one thing that no one knows.”

In the film, the song is the one Valentina chooses to perform during the audition instead of Beethoven, leaving everyone impressed. 

Listen to the song:


Original Score - Arnau Bataller

Love, Divided's original score is composed by renowned composer Arnau Bataller.

Bataller's score has a romantic and calm vibe fitting of the movie's tone. 

In a post from Arnau Bataller's personal Instagram (@arnaubataller), the composer said that he used the piano as the main instrument in creating the score while also giving it "a touch of classical [music]."

Listen to the score:

Love, Divided is now streaming on Netflix.

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