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Love at First Sight Cast Netflix

Netflix's Love at First Sight is here, and with it comes a colorful cast of lovable characters. 

Based on the novel The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, by Jennifer E. Smith, Love at First Sight follows in the footsteps of hits like To All the Boys I've Loved Before and The Kissing Booth on Netflix, highlighting a story of young love mainly targeted at millennial and Gen Z audiences. 

The film follows Hadley Sullivan and Oliver Jones, two 20-somethings who lose contact after meeting for the first time and instantly falling for each other on a cross-Atlantic flight, sending them on a sprawling journey to reconnect. 

Here is every actor and character in Love at First Sight:

Every Actor & Character in Love at First Sight

Haley Lu Richardson - Hadley Sullivan

Haley Lu Richardson as Hadley Sullivan in Love at First Sight Netflix

Haley Lu Richardson stars as one of the star-crossed lovers at the heart of Love at First Sight

Richardson's character, Hadley Sullivan, is an American headed to England for a wedding, but everything changes when she meets Oliver (a Brit headed home on her flight) and quickly falls in love with him. Thanks to a small mishap with her phone, Hadley sadly loses contact with Oliver and now will stop at nothing to see him again. 

Richardson appears in Love at First Sight hot off her acclaimed performance in Season 2 of HBO's The White Lotus, with other credits including Five Feet Apart, Columbus, and The Edge of Seventeen

Ben Hardy - Oliver Jones

Ben Hardy as Oliver Jones in Love at First Sight Netflix

The other side of Love at First Sight's romantic equation is Ben Hardy as Oliver Jones, a Brit studying at Yale who is headed home for a family funeral. 

After coming across Hadley waiting for her flight at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Oliver gets swept away by her while they wait and on the ensuing flight. However, after really hitting it off at cruising altitude, Oliver and Hadley get disconnected with very little hope of ever meeting again. 

Hardy can also be seen playing Queen drummer Roger Taylor alongside Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody and Michael Bay's 6 Underground with Ryan Reynolds.

Rob Delaney - Andrew Sullivan

Rob Delaney as Andrew Sullivan in Love at First Sight Netflix

Rob Delaney plays Andrew Sullivan, the father of Haley Lu Richardson's Hadley. Andrew is the reason Hadley is headed to the UK where she meets Oliver, as it is his second marriage that brings his daughter all the way to London. 

Delaney - a mainstay of the modern stand-up comedy scene - has several other TV and film credits to his name such as Deadpool 2, Catastrophe, and Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One. He’s also confirmed to be returning in the upcoming Deadpool 3.

Katrina Nare - Charlotte

Katrina Nare as Charlotte in Love at First Sight Netflix

Charlotte (played by Katrina Nare) is the woman to whom Hadley's father Andrew is getting married in London, England. 

It is not that simple though, as it is Andrew's affair with Charlotte during a semester at Oxford that tore Hadley's family apart. So, Hadley clearly has mixed feelings about Charlotte tying the knot with her dad. 

Katrina Nare's past credits include Doom: Annihilation and Andor Season 1.

Jameela Jamil - Narrator

Jameela Jamil as Narrator in Love at First Sight Netflix

Jameela Jamil's Narrator is not only heard throughout the story of Love at First Site, serving as a guiding voice for audiences, but she also pops up several times in the movie playing various roles like a flight attendant, bus driver, and more. 

Jamil will be most familiar to audiences from her work as Titania in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Wonder Woman in DC League of Super-Pets, and Tahani Al-Jamil in The Good Place

Tom Taylor - Luther Jones

Tom Taylor as Luther Jones in Love at First Sight Netflix

Tom Taylor takes on the role of Luther Jones, the brother of Ben Hardy's Oliver who wears his eccentricities on his sleeve. Luther is studying in London, and - despite the circumstances - is happy to see his brother return to his homeland. 

Taylor previously appeared in The Kid Who Would King and Stephen King's The Dark Tower

Dexter Fletcher - Val Jones

Dexter Fletcher as Val Jones in Love at First Sight Netflix

Oliver's father Val is played by British acting mainstay and BAFTA-nominated filmmaker Dexter Fletcher. 

Fletcher is best known for his directing work including the Elton John biopic Rocketman and this year's Chris Evans-led Ghosted

Sally Phillips - Tessa Jones

Sally Phillips as Tessa Jones in Love at First Sight Netflix

Acting opposite Dexter Fletcher's Val Jones is Sally Phillips as the matriarch of the Jones family, Tessa. Tessa is Oliver's mother, who is happy to have her son home despite it being for her living funeral. 

Phillips will be familiar to fans of the Bridget Jones's Diary films and 2016's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Vivian Gwaspari - Headphones Girl

Vivian Gwaspari as Headphones Girl in Love at First Sight Netflix

Vivan Gwaspari takes on the role of Headphones Girl, a brightly colored air traveler Hadley comes across at JFK International. Gwaspari gets the honor of telling Haley Lu Richardson's main character a power outlet is dead, leading her down the path to finding Oliver while trying to charge her phone. 

Love at First Sight marks Gwasapri's first major acting credit. 

Jordan Frazier - Gate Agent Jenny

Jordan Frazier as Gate Agent Jenny in Love at First Sight Netflix

Gate Agent Jenny (played by Jordan Frazier) helps Hadley with purchasing her ticket to London, witnessing the young traveler revealing to her father that she is, in fact, coming for the wedding.

Jordan Frazier's first major acting credit is Love at First Sight

Tracy Wiles - Mrs. O'Callaghan

Tracy Wiles as Mrs. O'Callaghan in Love at First Sight Netflix

Tracy Wiles takes on the role of Mrs. O'Callaghan, a wedding guest at Andrew and Charlotte's wedding who has to leave early to get to a memorial. It is this mention of an end-of-life celebration that makes Hadley perk up, as Olvier had mentioned coming home for a funeral. 

Wiles is best known for appearances in The Catch and The Beast Must Die

Philip Bird - Mr. O'Callaghan

Philip Bird as Mr. O'Callaghan in Love at First Sight Netflix

Married to Tracy Wiles' Mrs. O'Callaghan is Philip Bird's Mr. O'Callaghan. It is Mr. O'Callaghan's friend whom the pair are headed to the funeral for, and the key connection to get Hadley back to Oliver. 

Bird's past credits include The Merry Wives of Windsor and Imagine Me & You.

Ibinabo Jack - Bridesmaid Shanti

Ibinabo Jack as Bridesmaid Shanti in Love at First Sight Netflix

Ibinabo Jack plays one of the bridesmaids in Andrew and Charlotte's wedding. Just like the rest of the bridal party, she helps Hadley get wedding-ready after arriving at the venue from the airport with only seven minutes to spare. 

Jack has previously appeared in several British TV series including Doctors, Vera, and Big Cook Little Cook

Jessica Ransom - Bridesmaid Bertie

Jessica Ransom as Bridesmaid Bertie in Love at First Sight Netflix

Jessica Ransom's Bridesmaid Bertie greets Hadley at the door of the church, getting her all dressed up for her father's nuptials. 

Ransom's past credits include Horrible Histories, Doc Martin, and The Escape Artist

Doña Croll - Hat Lady Elizabeth

Doña Croll as Hat Lady Elizabeth in Love at First Sight Netflix

Doña Croll plays Hat Lady Elizabeth, one of the many hat-wearing guests at Andrew and Charlotte's wedding, getting the chance to tell a story up at the podium during the ceremony. 

Doña Croll has appeared in Eastenders, Doctor Who, and Eastern Promises

Leigh Quinn - Bridesmaid Jasmine

Leigh Quinn as Bridesmaid Jasmine in Love at First Sight Netflix

Bridesmaid Jasmine is brought to life by British actress Leigh Quinn. Jasmine grabs a hold of Hadley (whom she calls "little Miss Apple Pie") minutes before her father's wedding, getting her prepped for the ceremony. 

Quinn is best known for her work in 8 Minutes Idle, as well as being a member of several casts from the Royal Shakespeare Company theater group. 

Stephan Boyce - Monty

Stephan Boyce as Monty in Love at First Sight Netflix

Stephan Boyce takes on the role of Monty, one of the groomsmen to Hadley's father, Andrew. 

Boyce's other credits include Eastenders and Will You Kill Me Now?

Kerry Howard - Maid of Honour Violet

Kerry Howard as Maid of Honour Violet in Love at First Sight Netflix

Kerry Howard plays Charlotte's Maid of Honour Violet. When Hadley arrives late to the wedding, it is Violet who is responsible for the young traveler's hair as she gets ready to see her father tie the knot. 

Howard can also be seen in I Give It a Year, and Him & Her.

Anthony Warren - Heathrow Taxi Driver

Anthony Warren as Heathrow Taxi Driver in Love at First Sight Netflix

The cab driver who happens to pick Hadley up at Heathrow is played by Anthony Warren. Warren's character takes Hadley to her father's wedding in knick of time, and it is in his cab where it really sets in that she may actually never see Oliver again.

Warren is best known for his work in The Marksman, Control, and Hard Time Bus

Andromeda Godfrey - Cate Sullivan

Andromeda Godfrey as Cate Sullivan in Love at First Sight Netflix

Andromeda Godfrey is Love at First Sight's Cate Cullivan. Cate is Hadley's mother, seen only in flashbacks as the family is about to send Andrew off for a semester teaching poetry abroad at Oxford. 

This is not the first time Godfrey has collaborated with Netflix, having credits on other hits from the streamer including Bridgerton and The Crown

Liza Ross - Old Woman on Plane

Liza Ross Old Woman On Plane Love at First Sight Netflix

Liza Ross plays Old Woman on Place, an elderly passenger on Hadley and Oliver's flight. After fiddling with her bag in the overhead compartment, Oliver gets up to help her, prompting her to the pair how they met, even though - unbeknownst to her - they had only first crossed paths mere hours ago. 

Love at First Sight is Ross' first major acting role. 

Buddy Powell - Kid Oliver

Buddy Powell Kid Oliver Love at First Sight Netflix

As a part of Love at First Sights' several flashback scenes, Buddy Powell plays Kid Oliver, a younger take on the dashing bachelor at the heart of the story. 

Love at First Sight is Powell's first acting role. 

Jasper Hawes - Kid Luther

Jasper Hawes Headshot
Jasper Hawes

Kid Luther (played by Jasper Hawes) is the child version of Oliver's brother Luther, seen in one of the film's numerous flashback sequences. 

Aside from appearing in the short film Achilles, this is Hawes' first major credit. 

Love at First Sight is available now on Netflix. 

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