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Ne-Yo and 2 Chainz leads the cast of guest stars in Black Mafia Family (BMF) Season 3. 

Created by Randy Huggins, BMF tells the story of the rise of the Flenory family to become one of America's most influential crime syndicates. 

Season 3 explores the family's ups and downs in the 1990s as they try to take over the drug trafficking ring in Atlanta.

BMF Season 3 premiered on Starz on March 1.

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The Main Cast of BMF Season 3

Demetrius Flenory, Jr. - Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory

Demetrius Flenory, Jr. as Big Meech
Demetrius Flenory, Jr.

Demetrius Flenory, Jr. plays his real-life father, Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, in BMF

Big Meech is a drug kingpin who works with his brother to establish a nationwide drug trafficking ring. Big Meech uses his influence to outsmart law enforcement and get away with his crimes. 

At the end of Season 2, Big Meech successfully pins the blame on Detective Bryant for Jay Mo and Kato's death, effectively removing him from the force. 

He rides off to head to Atlanta to continue his mission to establish a drug trafficking ring after taking over Detroit. 

Flenory, Jr.'s other notable acting credit is playing Travis in Euphoria.

Da’Vinchi - Terry “Southwest T” Flenory

Da’Vinchi as Southwest T

Da’Vinchi plays Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, Big Meech's brother and fellow drug kingpin. 

Terry had his own complex journey in Season 2, with him starting as a law-abiding citizen before ending up rejoining his brother in his illegal escapades.

Terry played a pivotal role in sealing the deal between the BMF and their Colombian suppliers. He also acts as the second-in-command of the crime ring.

Da’Vinchi is known for his roles in Jessica Jones, The Boys, and Lethal Weapon

Russell Hornsby - Charles Flenory

Russell Hornsby as Charles Flenory
Russell Hornsby

Charles Flenory (played by Russell Hornsby) is Big Meech and Terry's father. 

Charles is not a fan of his sons' venture into the world of drugs and crime and is often seen stressed out by their actions. 

Hornsby has over 50 credits to his name, with roles in The Hate U Give, Fences, and After the Sunset.

Michole Briana White - Lucille Flenory

Michole Briana White as Lucille Flenory
Michole Briana White

Lucille Flenory is Big Meech and Terry's mother and Charles' wife. The character is played on-screen by Michole Briana White.

After learning that Charles has been cheating on her in Season 2, Lucille is considering filing for divorce, and the ramifications of those are expected to loom over Season 3. 

White previously appeared in Malignant, Courage Under Fire, and Volcano.

Steve Harris - Detective Von Bryant

Steve Harris as Von Bryant
Steve Harris

Steve Harris reprises his role as Detective Von Bryant of Detroit Police. 

Bryant had a rough journey in Season 2 after being betrayed by his former friend Big Meech which led to his removal from the force. 

It seems that the former detective is out for blood and revenge in Season 3. 

Harris' most recognizable role is playing Eugene Young in The Practice. The actor also has credits in The Rock, The First Purge, and Filthy Rich.

Kelly Hu - Detective Veronica Jin

Kelly Hu as Detective Jin
Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu returns in Season 3 as Detective Veronica Jin. 

In Season 2, Jin tried to catch one of Big Meech's associates, B-Mickie, but she failed. However, B-Mickie's ouster from the BMF could spell doom for the group since he previously worked with the police. 

Hu's notable credits include The Scorpion King, The Tournament, and East New York

2 Chainz - Stacks

2 Chainz as Stacks
2 Chainz

Famous rapper 2 Chainz joins the cast of BMF Season 3 as Stacks. 

As per Variety, Stacks hails from Atlanta and is a drug distributor who earned the respect of his peers in the state. Upon Big Meech's arrival in Atlanta, Stacks forms an alliance with him to try to take out his enemies.

2 Chainz is known for his hits like "I'm Different," "It's a Vibe," and "No Lie."

Ne-Yo - Rodney ‘Greeny’ Green

Ne-Yo as Rodney Green

Another newcomer to the world of BMF is Ne-Yo. 

The R&B singer plays Rodney ‘Greeny’ Green, a local drug dealer based in Atlanta whose sole intention is to make money and an owner of a popular club in the city.

Ne-Yo is known for his classic hits like "Mad" and "Because of You."

Lil Baby - Payne

Lil Baby as Payne
Lil Baby

Lil Baby is part of BMF's growing cast in Season 3 as Payne. 

Payne is someone who is still learning the ropes of the drug industry and encounters Big Meech upon his arrival. 

BMF is Lil Baby's acting debut. He is known for his hit tracks, "Harder than Hard" and "Too Hard."

Saweetie - Keeya


Saweetie joins the cast as Keeya, a former athlete who gets embroiled in the world of illegal drugs. 

In Season 3, Keeya works alongside Meech as he starts his takeover in Atlanta.

Saweetie is an American rapper known for her songs, "Best Friend" and "Icy Girl."

Cynthia Bailey - Gloria

Cynthia Bailey as Gloria
Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey brings Gloria to life in BMF Season 3.

Gloria is Detective Bryant's ex-wife who grows concerned over the fact that her son is in jail after murdering his bully. 

Bailey previously appeared as herself in The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She also has credits in Cruel Instruction, Games People Play, and Rock the Boat.

Michael King - RIP

Michael King as RIP
Michael King

Michael King is part of Season 3's cast as RIP, one of Meech's loyal allies in Atlanta and someone whom he mentors amid the chaos of the gang war. 

King is known for his roles in LA's Finest, Boy Erased, and Black Lightning.

Bechir Sylvain - Glock 

Bechir Sylvain as Glock
Bechir Sylvain

Bechir Sylvain is part of BMF Season 3's cast as Glock, a drug dealer in Atlanta who is not a fan of Meech's arrival in the state since he feels threatened about the BMF's takeover.

Sylvain's most recognizable roles are playing EJ in Claws, Braithwaite in Black Summer, and Terry in Blindspotting.

Taylor Sele - Dr. Maurice Montclair 

Taylor Sele as Dr. Maurice Montclair
Taylor Sele

Taylor Sele is a fresh face that fans will see in Season 3. 

Montclair is Lucille's former acquaintance who unexpectedly reunites with her amid her divorce. He was also Lucille's old prom date.

Sele is a former NFL athlete who is now an actor. He previously appeared in P-Valley, Godfather of Harlem, and When They See Us.

Kadianne Whyte - Angel

Kadianne Whyte as Angel
Kadianne Whyte

Joining the brand new season is Kadianne Whyte as Angel. 

Angel is a stripper from Greeny's club whom Meech is attracted to. They later share an intimate relationship. 

Whyte has credits in Greenleaf, His Killer Fan, and Will Trent.

Ren King - Henrietta "Henri" Andreas 

Ren King as Henri
Ren King

One of the new additions in Season 3 is Ren King as Henrietta "Henri" Andreas, a drug dealer in Detroit who wants to take over the reins from the BMF and prove themselves to their father. 

King's other notable credit is playing a receptionist in And Just Like That.

Morgan Alexandria - Detective Cobie Amberson

Morgan Alexandria as Detective Cobie Amberson
Morgan Alexandria

Morgan Alexandria adds her remarkable talent to the world of BMF as Detective Cobie Amberson.

Cobie Amberson is Veronica Jin's new partner in Season 3 who helps unpack the illegal dealings of the BMF. 

Alexandria's previous roles include playing Kai Davidson in Black Lightning, Kiera in Forever My Girl, and Shay in Closet Space: The Movie.

Christopher B. Duncan - Frank "Blaze" Andreas 

Christopher B. Duncan as Blaze
Christopher B. Duncan

The Jamie Foxx Show alum Christopher B. Duncan brings his talent to BMF Season 3. 

Duncan appears as Frank "Blaze" Andreas, Henri's father whom Von Bryant meets in Episode 2 to ask for help for his son's legal issues. 

Duncan played memorable characters like Braxton in The Jamie Foxx Show, Dr. Aaron Zicherman in Black Bird, and Camden in Swagger.

Sydney Mitchell - LaWanda

Sydney Mitchell
Sydney Mitchell

Sydney Mitchell returns as LaWanda in BMF Season 3. 

LaWanda is Terry's girlfriend and the mother of Terry Flenory Jr. At the end of Season 2, Terry's decision to move on with Markeisha shocks LaWanda since she is pregnant with their second child.

Mitchell's notable credits include Under His Influence, Hightown, and Tales.

Laila D. Pruitt - Nicole

Laila D. Pruitt
Laila D. Pruitt

Laila D. Pruitt reprises her role as Nicole Flenory, Big Meech and Terry's younger sister. 

Pruitt is known for her roles in Secret Headquarters, Flight, and Everything's Gonna Be Okay

Tyshon Freeman - Hoop

Tyshon Freeman as Hoop
Tyshon Freeman

Tyshon Freeman appears as Hoop. He is part of Meech and Terry's crew and acts as an assistant and bodyguard to the latter while the former is in Atlanta. 

Freeman is known for his roles in The Walking Dead, FBI: Most Wanted, and The Gifted.

Trinity Lisbon - Lucky 

Trinity Lisbon as Lucky
Trinity Lisbon

Trinity Lisbon plays a stripper named Lucky in Episode 2. 

Meech speaks with Lucky inside Greeny's club to try and get close to another stripper, Angel. 

BMF is Lisbon's first major acting credit.

George Kee Cheung - Han Jin

George Kee Cheung as Han Jin
George Kee Cheung

George Kee Cheung guest stars in Episode 2 as Han Jin, Veronica's father who is also the owner of a local restaurant in Detroit. 

Cheung is known for his roles in Rush Hour, Starsky & Hutch, and Mayans M.C.

 La La Anthony - Markisha Taylor

 La La Anthony as Markisha
 La La Anthony

La La Anthony appears in Episode 3 as Markisha Taylor, Terry's ex-girlfriend. 

After Terry and Markisha break up in Episode 2, she reaches out to him to talk about their falling out while seducing him over the phone. 

Anthony's most recognizable role is playing LaKeisha in Power. The actress also appeared in Unforgettable, The New Edition Story, and The Freak Brothers.

Jason Louder - Remi Ransom

Jason Louder as Remi Ransom
Jason Louder

One of the newcomers in BMF Season 3 is Jason Louder as Remi Ransom. 

Remi is one of the current drug leaders in Atlanta who is threatened by Meech and Terry's arrival. He is also the reason why Stacks decided to align with Glock.

Louder is known for his roles in Black Lightning, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Nicole Crump - Estelle 

Nicole Crump as Estelle
Nicole Crump

Nicole Crump appears in BMF Season 3, Episode 5 as Estelle, Lucille's friend.

Estelle shows up in Lucille's house after catching Charles talking to Sister Riley, a fellow churchmate, in a restaurant. 

She accused him of cheating with Lucille, but she didn't know that Charles was only talking to the girl since he composed a song for his wife.

Crump previously appeared in Lovers Lane, A La Carte, and Tales.

New episodes of BMF Season 3 premiere on the Starz app every Friday at 12 midnight.

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