Here's When Raising Kanan Season 4's Release Is Expected to Happen

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Raising Kanan

Raising Kanan fans have some more insight on when Season 4's release should be expected.

Officially titled Power Book III: Raising Kanan, this series serves as a prequel to Starz's Power series as it shines a light on Kanan Stark's early years. The character was first played by executive producer Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson before Mekai Curtis took on the role of the spin-off.

Originally starting its first season in 2021, Raising Kanan is now at the end of its third season with fans curious when Season 4 will become a reality.

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Raising Kanan Season 4 Updates

Patina Miller (“Raquel “Raq” Thomas”) in Raising Kanan Season 3

As Season 3 of Raising Kanan comes to a close with its final episode arriving on Starz on Friday, February 9, the question turns to when Season 4 should be expected for release.

Variety confirmed Power Book III: Raising Kanan was renewed for Season 4 in a report from November 28, 2023, indicating filming had started for the new season.

Production is now moving forward in New York, as star Patina Miller reiterated the news about filming in an Instagram post along with the following caption:

"So thankful we are able to promote our show now!! 'Raising Kanan' Season 3 premieres this fuckin FRIDAY and I'm back on set for season 4 today!! It's giving thankful and blessed!"

In December 2023, creator Sascha Penn shared her own Instagram post celebrating the start of filming, hyping Season 4 ahead of its upcoming release with the following caption:

"Back at it. Season 4. 'Raising Kanan'"

New York news station Westchester News 12 reported Season 4 of Raising Kanan was filming in Yonkers, New York, on February 7, specifically pointing out San Martino Ristorante on Young Avenue as a filming location.

The report noted this restaurant will be seen in Season 4's fourth episode with little more information to offer.

When Will Raising Kanan Season 4 Release on Starz?

Looking back at recent Raising Kanan production schedules, Season 3 started its work on August 22, 2022 (via Sascha Penn on Instagram) and concluded sometime in March 2023.

The new season then premiered on Starz on December 1, 2023, marking a turnaround of just over 15 months between the start of production and the first episode's debut.

Should Season 4 follow a similar production timeline, filming could potentially finish sometime this May, leading to a potential premiere in late 2024 the way Season 3 arrived in late 2023.

However, that would be on the shorter end of a possible timeline with a quick turnaround.

Considering past seasons have usually taken close to a year, if not more, to complete production, Raising Kanan Season 4 will more likely be ready for release sometime in early 2025.

Raising Kanan is now streaming on Starz.

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