Full Cast of Power Book III: Raising Kanan Season 3 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Here’s an extensive list of Power Book III: Raising Kanan.

Starz’s Power franchise has grown exponentially since its early days. After ending its six-year run in 2020, the original series spun off into three other projects: Ghost, Raising Kanan, and Force.

While all three are still airing, Raising Kanan is the next up to release new episodes. Its ten-episode third season is set to start airing on December 1 and finish its run on February 2, 2024.

The Cast, Characters, and Actors of Power Book III: Raising Kanan

Mekai Curtis - Kanan Stark

Mekai Curtis as Kanan Stark in Power Book III: Raising Kanan
Mekai Curtis

Mekai Curtis’ Kanan Stark is the leading character of Power Book III: Raising Kanan. He hails from a family of criminals and is intent on joining his mother’s drug empire.

While many believe was the son of an infamous gangster, Rondell Def Con Stark, his biological father is Malcolm Howard.

Curtis can be seen in other projects such as Milo Murphy’s Law, Kirby Buckets, and Arrest Development.

Patina Miller - Raquel “Raq” Thomas

Patina Miller as Raquel “Raq” Thomas in Power Book III: Raising Kanan
Patina Miller

Raquel “Raq” Thomas, played by Patina Miller, is Kanan’s mother and a cold player on the streets. While she can be ruthless to her enemies, she reserves most of her affection for her son, who is everything to her.

Raq also has two brothers named Lou-Lou and Marvin.

Many might recognize Miller as Commander Paylor in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 and Part 2.

Omar Epps - Detective Malcolm Howard

Omar Epps as Detective Malcolm Howard in Power Book III: Raising Kanan
Omar Epps

Omar Epps’ Malcolm Howard is a detective for the New York Police Department and has dedicated his career into trying to clean up the town of South Jamaica, where he grew up.

Unbeknownst to most, he is the biological father of Kanan Stark.

Epps portrayed Dr. Eric Foreman in 173 episodes of House and also appeared in Shooter and This is Us.

London Brown - Marvin Thomas

London Brown
London Brown

While he isn’t known for his smarts, Marvin Thomas is the muscle for Raq’s drug organization. He is a key part of the family business and isn't afraid to offer his thoughts on how to run things—even if those ideas are often dismissed.

He has a daughter named Jukebox, who has trouble connecting with him due to his frustrating personality.

Some of Brown’s previous work includes Ballers, American Soul, and Real Talk.

Malcolm Mays - Lou-Lou Thomas

Malcolm Mays as Lou-Lou Thomas in Power Book III: Raising Kanan
Malcolm Mays

Malcolm Mays’ Lou-Lou Thomas is the confident younger brother of Raq, who is extremely loyal to his allies, offering a voice of reason for the family business.

While he plays a large role in a criminal organization, Lou-Lou has big aspirations of a future beyond that questionable life, and he nurtures a strong passion for the music business.

Mays also plays roles in Them, Snowfall, and Rebel.

Hailey Kilgore - LaVerne “Jukebox” Thomas

Hailey Kilgore as LaVerne “Jukebox” Thomas in Power Book III: Raising Kanan
Hailey Kilgore

LaVerne “Jukebox” Thomas is a corrupt cop played by Hailey Kilgore, who also happens to be the cousin of Kanan himself.

Kilgore's past credits include Respect and Cinnamon

Joey Bada$$ - Unique

Joey Bada$$ as Unique in Power Book III: Raising Kanan
Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$’s Unique is the most prominent drug kingpin in South Jamaica, Queens, and serves as one of the key antagonists in the drug scene for Kanan and Raq. Unique’s brother, who ran everything prior, is currently doing life in prison.

Bada$$ is a known hip-hop artist and has also acted in Two Distant Strangers, Ramy, and Mr. Robot.

Shanley Caswell - Shannon Burke

Shanley Caswell as Shannon Burke in Power Book III: Raising Kanan
Shanley Caswell

Shannon Burke, played by Shanley Caswell, is a green detective who is Malcolm Howard’s partner. She comes from a long line of cops in her family and is always trying her best to look tough for those she comes across on the streets.

Caswell appeared in The Conjuring as Andrea, as well as in other projects, including NCIS: New Orleans, The Resident, and S.W.A.T.

Antonio Ortiz - Shawn ‘Famous’ Figueroa

Antonio Ortiz
Antonio Ortiz

Antonio Ortiz’s Shawn ‘Famous’ Figueroa is Kanan’s funny best friend, a talented aspiring rapper who is always by his side. His sister means the world to him, and Shawn is always doing what he can to protect her.

Ortiz can be seen in High Fidelity, Mrs. Fletcher, and Orange is the New Black.

Tony Danza - Stefano Marchetti

Tony Danza as Stefano Marchetti in Power Book III: Raising Kanan
Tony Danza

Everyone knows Stefano Marchetti as the most powerful man in New York City and the pioneer of its mafia scene.

Tony Danza was a star in the old Taxi and Who’s the Boss television shows and appears in Blue Bloods and The Good Cop.

Grantham Coleman - Ronnie Mathis

Grantham Coleman as Ronnie Mathis in Power Book III: Raising Kanan
Grantham Coleman

Grantham Coleman will be new to Season 3, and the actor will be playing Ronnie Mathis, the older brother of Joey Bada$$’s Unique. The character, recently released from prison, is described (via TVLine) as having “a stoic demeanor that belies a shocking ruthlessness.”

Coleman is known for his roles in The Americans, Black Bear, and Lawmen: Bass Reeves.

Wendell Pierce - Ishmael “Snaps” Henry

Wendell Pierce as Ishmael “Snaps” Henry in Power Book III: Raising Kanan
Wendell Pierce

Joining Season 3 is a fresh face in Wendell Pierce’s Ishmael “Snaps” Henry, a former bank robber who now serves as a mentor to Kanan and is a local icon.

Pierce can be seen in The Wire, Selma, and Horrible Bosses.

Erika Woods - Stephanie “Pop” Henry

Erika Woods as Stephanie “Pop” Henry in Power Book III: Raising Kanan
Erika Woods

Alongside Wendell Pierce's “Snaps”, Erika Woods will be playing Stephanie “Pop” Henry, the partner and wife to the former bank robber.

Previous appearances by Erika Woods include Don’t Jump, Damage Control, and Do No Harm.

Paul Yen - Quân

Paul Yen
Paul Yen

Paul Yen’s Quân will be a new character in Season 3, so not much is known about him as of writing.

Yen also has roles in Little Fires Everywhere, MacGyver, and The Rookie.

Book of Power III: Raising Kanan will premiere new episodes starting December 1 on Starz.

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