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Meech and Terry face a fierce rival in Atlanta as they try to grow their drug empire in BMF (Black Mafia Family) Season 3, Episode 5. 

The show's latest installment, "The Battle of Techwood," features a tense showdown between Meech and Glock's forces as the BMF realizes that entering the drug scene in Atlanta is not that easy. 

BMF Season 3, Episode 5 premiered on Starz on March 29.

[ BMF Season 3 Episode 3 Cast, Characters & Actors (Photos) ]

Every Main Cast Member of BMF Season 3 Episode 5

Demetrius Flenory, Jr. - Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory

Demetrius Flenory, Jr. as Big Meech
Demetrius Flenory, Jr.

Demetrius Flenory, Jr. returns to lead the cast of BMF Season 3, Episode 5 as Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory. 

After a brief detour in Detroit to check Loco's shipment and successfully deliver the stash, Meech returns to Atlanta with Terry to make sure things are going according to their takeover plan. 

However, as Episode 4 revealed, a traitor is in their midst, which could eventually lead to an all-out drug war. 

In Episode 5, Meech and Terry head to Atlanta to learn more about the drug trade unbeknownst to the combined forces of Glock, Stack, and other thugs wanting to bring them down.

Flenory, Jr.'s other major acting credit comes with his role as Travis in Euphoria.

Da’Vinchi - Terry “Southwest T” Flenory

Da’Vinchi  as Terry

Da'Vinchi returns as Terry “Southwest T” Flenory, Meech's brother who is taking over BMF's operations in Detroit. 

Terry reunited with Meech in Episode 4 to oversee Loco's shipment and update him about BMF and the family while he's gone. 

Episode 5 also shows Terry in Atlanta, with Meech introducing some of his allies in the area. Terry is also shocked to learn that Meech is set to go on an all-out war with the other drug lords upon his arrival.

Da'Vinchi previously appeared in Jessica Jones, The Boys, and Lethal Weapon.

Michole Briana White - Lucille Flenory

Michole Briana White as Lucille
Michole Briana White

Lucille Flenory (played by Michole Briana White) is Meech and Terry's mother who is contemplating whether to push through with her divorce from her husband, Charles. 

Things took a major turn in Episode 4 when Lucille and her high school sweetheart, Maurice, went intimate for the first time. 

Lucille's story in Episode 5 slightly shifts as she is approached by one of her churchmates to ask her if she's interested in becoming an assistant pastor. 

White can be seen in projects like Malignant, Courage Under Fire, and Volcano.

Russell Hornsby - Charles Flenory

Russell Hornsby as Charles
Russell Hornsby

Russell Hornsby stars as Charles Flenory, Meech and Terry's father who is trying to be better so that Lucille won't file a divorce anymore. 

Charles made a song for Lucille in Episode 5 to try and get her back, even if his wife appears to be falling in love with someone else (aka Maurice). 

Hornsby appeared in major roles in Meet the Parents, Last Seen Alive, and Lost in Space.

Steve Harris - Von Bryant

Steve Harris as Von Bryant
Steve Harris

Steve Harris brings Von Bryant to life in BMF Season 3, Episode 5. 

Bryant is a former detective who has gone rogue as he makes a deal with Henri to get his son out of jail. Episode 4 shows that this deal backfired since he was arrested after police officers found a gun in his card while tailing Meech and Ian. 

Bryant gets out of jail in the early moments of Episode 5, though, but it seems that trouble is not too far ahead for the former investigator after Henri's men threaten his life.

Harris' most recognizable role is playing Eugene Young in The Practice. The actor also has credits in The Rock and In Your Eyes.

2 Chainz - Stacks

2 Chainz as Stackz
2 Chainz

2 Chainz's Stacks is Meech's associate in Atlanta who helps him learn the ins and outs of the drug trade in the state. 

Episode 4 made a shocking revelation after it was revealed that Stacks aligned himself with Glock, betraying Meech in the process. 

Stacks is playing two sides of the coin in Episode 5 as he goes undercover for Glock while letting Meech know that he can still trust him. He is also the one who proposed attacking Remy and his peers at Techwood.

2 Chainz is known for his long list of hit songs, including "I'm Different," "It's a Vibe," and "No Lie."

Kelly Hu - Detective Veronica Jin

Kelly Hu as Veronica Jin
Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu appears as Detective Veronica Jin, Von Bryant's former partner who is investigating the BMF's drug trade in Detroit. 

Given that they still don't have enough evidence to take down BMF and Henri's forces, Veronica wants to keep pushing for more surveillance for the famed drug gang.

Fans of The Legend of Vox Machina may recognize Hu's voice from her role as Anna Ripley. The actress also appeared in East New York and The Orville.

Kadianne Whyte - Angel

Kadianne Whyte as Angel
Kadianne Whyte 

Angel (played by Kadianne Whyte) is a stripper at Greeney's club and Meech's current love interest in Season 3. 

After Meech heads to Detroit for family and business matters, Angel reunites with him at Greeney's strip club. 

Whyte is known for her roles in Greenleaf, His Killer Fan, and Will Trent.

Bechir Sylvain - Glock

Bechir Sylvain as Glock
Bechir Sylvain

Bechir Sylvain is part of BMF's cast as Glock, a drug dealer in Atlanta who is not a fan of Meech's arrival in the state since he feels threatened about the BMF's takeover.

Glock, alongside Stacks, leads the ambush at Remy's turf, catching Meech and the others off guard.

Sylvain has credits in Black Summer, Blindspotting, and Claws.

Ren King - Henrietta "Henri" Andreas

Ren King as Henri
Ren King

Ren King plays Henrietta "Henri" Andreas, a drug dealer in Detroit who wants to take over the reins from the BMF. 

Henri is disappointed with one of their men after failing to kill Von Bryant, leading to their own pursuit of the former investigator. 

They also threw hands with their men to make a point that no one should mess with them and all of their orders need to be successful.  

King's other notable credit is playing a receptionist in And Just Like That.

Morgan Alexandria - Detective Cobie Amberson

Morgan Alexandria as Cobie
Morgan Alexandria

Morgan Alexandria's Detective Cobie Amberson is Veronica Jin's new partner in Season 3 who helps unpack the illegal dealings of the BMF. 

Cobie's investigation in Episode 5 leads her to unravel Henri Andreas' involvement in the whole fiasco that happened in the previous installment.

Alexandria can be seen in Closet Space: The Movie, This Is Us, and Forever My Girl

Jason Louder - Remi Ransom

Jason Louder as Remi Ransom
Jason Louder 

Jason Louder is one of the newcomers of BMF Season 3 as Remi Ransom. 

Remi is one of the current drug leaders in Atlanta who is threatened by Meech and Terry's arrival. He is also the reason why Stacks decided to align with Glock.

Louder is known for his roles in Black Lightning, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, and NCIS: Los Angeles.

Nicole Crump - Estelle 

Nicole Crump as Estelle
Nicole Crump

Nicole Crump appears in Season 3, Episode 5 as Estelle, Lucille's friend.

Estelle shows up in Lucille's house after catching Charles talking to Sister Riley, a fellow churchmate, in a restaurant. 

She accused him of cheating with Lucille, but she didn't know that Charles was only talking to the girl since he wants to compose a song for his wife.

Crump previously appeared in Lovers Lane, A La Carte, and Tales.

New episodes of BMF Season 3 premiere on the Starz app every Friday at 12 midnight ET. 

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