Blue Bloods: Lenny Ross' Death & Treat Williams Tribute Explained

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Treat Williams, Blue Bloods

The late Treat Williams and his character on Blue Bloods, Lenny Ross, got an emotional tribute in the show's latest episode.

Blue Bloods Pays Tribute to Treat Williams

The third episode of Blue Bloods Season 14, which is confirmed to be the series' final season, paid tribute to longtime star Treat Williams as well as his character, Lenny Ross.

Blue Bloods Season 14, Episode 3 dinner scene

Per Deadline, Williams passed away on June 12, 2023, from injuries suffered in a tragic motorcycle accident at the age of 71. The actor appeared in six episodes of Blue Bloods between 2016 and 2023, portraying NYC Police Commissioner Frank Reagan's best friend and former NYPD partner, Lenny Ross.

In Williams' final Blue Bloods episode which came in Season 13, Lenny Ross was revealed to have been diagnosed with cancer. Season 14, Episode 3 confirmed he passed away after battling the disease.

The new episode sees Ross' daughter Tess arrested after a bar fight, with Tom Sellick's Frank Reagan first taking a tough-love approach by not letting her out of jail. But after speaking with his own father about being that tough, Commissioner Reagan gives her resources for a strong defense attorney and confirms that he will give Tess' father a proper funeral and memorial service.

Tess then comes to a family meal with the Reagans as Frank pays tribute to his friend, telling his family how "it hurts like hell" dealing with that loss and telling Lenny how much he missed him.

"There’s also someone who ate here with us over the years but who won’t be back. Lenny Ross was my oldest friend, my closest confidant, my getaway driver. And I lost him this week. And it hurts like hell. But Lenny would hate it if we got all teary and quiet and sad, so Lenny: We’ll miss ya. And save me a seat at your table, and I’ll see ya on down the road."

The episode concluded by showing a picture of Williams and Sellick together along with the message, "In memory of our great friend, Treat Williams 1951-2023," celebrating his 71 years of life with Blue Bloods fans.

Treat Williams tribute, Blue Bloods

The Direct sends our condolences to Treat Williams' family, friends, loved ones, and the entire Blue Bloods community.

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