Black Panther 2 Toy Spoils New Ironheart Plot Details

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Fans, thankfully, won’t have to wait until Ironheart on Disney+ next year to meet Dominique Thorne’s, Riri Williams. The character will first be introduced in the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Not only that, but she’ll even play a crucial role in the story.

But what exactly will her role be? At the very least, thanks to set photos, fans know that she’ll be seen at MIT at some point within the film—a great place to introduce her intellect to the wider audience right out of the gate.

Riri will also be sporting at least two suits in the film. The first one is definitely a prototype suit, while the second seems to be far more advanced. Fans caught their first proper glimpse at Ironheart in action during the latest trailer for the sequel.

Riri Williams in Black Panther 2

Now, thanks to some merchandise, fans have gotten another tease at what might be in store for Riri in the next MCU installment.

Some New Ironheart Details Emerge

A little while ago, fans got a great clear image of one of Riri William's advanced Ironheart suits (seen above) that'll appear in the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

To be specific, it was the red and black suit, which was showcased thanks to a Marvel Legends figure. Needless to say, it looked quite fancy.

Black Panther, Ironheart

Now, a new description for the product has popped up on Hasbro's Pulse website, which has revealed some additional plot details for Wakanda Forever.

The synopsis teases a fateful "school project" that ends up attracting the attention of both "Wakandans" and a "dangerous foe," which is almost certainly Namor and his people:

"A brilliant MIT student with a passion for engineering, Riri Williams’ life takes an unexpected turn when a school project brings the Wakandans and a dangerous foe to her doorstep."

A Dangerous School Project Attracts Namor

It’s clear that this dangerous “school project” is an invention from Riri Williams—given her tendency to tinker and create. After all, that is how she gets her Iron Man-inspired suit of armor.

However, there’s almost certainly more to it than just making a fancy suit. It’s hard to believe that Namor and co., who are probably the dangerous foes being alluded to, would chase after Riri for making an Iron Man outfit.

So what exactly could Riri Williams make that would upset Namor while also bringing Wakanda to her doorstep? Well, given the involvement of Shuri’s homeland, Vibranium is likely involved in some form. But the how remains unclear.

With just over a month until Black Panther: Wakanda Forever lands on November 11, fans won’t have long to wait long for answers.

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