Black Panther 2: Best Look Yet at Ironheart’s Upgraded Suit & Weapons (Photos)

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Ironheart, Black Panther

One of the more unexpected surprise announcements for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was the inclusion of Riri Williams, better known as Ironheart. Many thought the character would first show up in her own 2023 Disney+ series, but Marvel Studios kept their plans to introduce her much earlier close to the vest.

Not only will she appear in the film mentioned above later this year, but she'll also be suiting up as a hero for the first time.

Fans have seen at least two versions of the armor she'll be wearing throughout the film through promotional material. The first seems to be a clear prototype model, while the second is a much more advanced getup.

Ironheart Black Panther Marvel Legends

Now, thanks to some new toy merchandise, fans have been given a new glimpse at what her new fancy suit will be capable of.

New Look at Ironheart's Upgraded Suit

Thanks to @CeeOfCreativity on Twitter, fans now have their best look yet of Riri Williams' new Ironheart suit from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

The packaging includes a clear look at the red and black color scheme, with detailings of gray and gold. More notable, however, are the additional pieces affixed to the figure.

There's some sort of canon or blade on her left arm and then another gauntlet enhancement on her right. Her back also has what seems to be a jetpack type fixture—though they could also be similar to War Machine's back guns.

Black Panther, Ironheart

Another picture shows images of more attachments, which seem to be decorative pieces for when her jetpack is in use. Though, they could also be for some of her new guns.

As a bonus, it seems the figure will also include a head sculpt for Riri unmasked.

Black Panther, Ironheart

So, What Happens to the Suit?

The new suit looks super sleek and clean, and all of the advanced weaponry is a neat combination of what's been seen across both Iron Man and War Machine's respective armors throughout the MCU.

It's not known where exactly Riri Williams will be getting this new suit, but given how advanced it is, one has to ask: did she make it herself? Or did Wakanda possibly offer her a helping hand?

What makes this question even more prominent is how set photos from her Disney+ series Ironheart, which theoretically take place after Wakanda Forever, see her sporting another suit that looks like a mishmash of parts.

When it comes to that vast difference in tech, it would make sense if access to Wakanda is the lead cause.

With that said, what would possibly make Riri lose the red and black suit from her movie to the show?

Sadly, fans will have to wait until November 11, when Wakanda Forever hits theaters, to find out.

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