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With the recent release of The Batman, director Matt Reeves introduced audiences to a whole new Gotham, filled with many of the Caped Crusader's iconic allies and antagonists. Between Catwoman, Alfred, Penguin, Riddler, Joker, and more, fans met new iterations of all Batman's most famous characters, but one was notably absent.

Despite being the most iconic sidekick in superhero history, Robin has only appeared in live-action a handful of times. Dick Grayson's Boy of Wonder has been played by Burt Ward, Chris O'Donnell, and Brenton Thwaites over the years, while Curran Walters played the Jason Todd iteration on Titans​​​.

Looking at the main actors to have played Robin in live-action, none have been appropriately aged for the role, with most being in their 20s at the time of casting. After all, Dick Grayson, who is typically Batman's first sidekick, is meant to be a child when he's adopted by Bruce Wayne.

Early in The Batman, Mayor Don Mitchell is killed by the Riddler, leaving his son as an orphan and, according to a popular theory, a candidate to become the Boy of Wonder. But does Matt Reeves see the unnamed boy as Robert Pattinson's Robin-to-be?

Was Robin in The Batman?

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During a recent interview with ReelBlendThe Batman director Matt Reeves was asked if Mayor Don Mitchell's now-orphan son was being set up to become Robin down the line.

While Reeves called the theory "interesting," he gave a fairly definitive "no," seemingly shutting down speculation of Mitchell becoming Robin in the sequel.

However, the acclaimed director did go on to call it a "cool idea" while confirming it "wasn't the intention:" 

"But it's a cool idea. It wasn't the intention, but actually, why would I say that? Because it's a cool idea. And if I did it, and then basically, now I'm going to have to give you credit."

The interviewer went on to joke that he "just [wants] a 'story by' credit," to which Reeves agreed but said he "[doesn't] know that that's the path" they're going down, but jestingly claimed the idea as his own:

"If we do that. Yeah sure, totally. Yeah, I don't know that that's the path. It's a cool idea. Goddammit! That is my idea. It's my idea. Thanks for bringing up my idea."

The full clip can be seen below in all its hilarious glory:

So That Wasn't Robin in The Batman?

For now, it sounds as if Matt Reeves hadn't so much as a thought for former mayor's son to become Robin down the line, but he certainly showed some interest in the idea. Perhaps as the director begins to draw up plans for the sequel, he may consider setting up the Boy of Wonder.

If Don Mitchell's son were to become Robin in a future sequel to The Batman, then he would be much more appropriately cast than any previous adaptation. The new orphan also remained unnamed all the way through the movie, meaning Matt Reeves could easily retcon him to be Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, or any other Robin.

The unnamed boy was shown with great emphasis many times throughout The Batman as Bruce Wayne clearly seemed to emphasize with him, having had to endure the same horrible experience at a young age. When he first appears, he's even wearing a red ninja costume with a sword for Halloween. Several iterations of the Boy of Wonder have carried a sword in the past while most have had a significant amount of red in their superhero outfits.

With Reeves having seemingly been unaware of the theory, it appears he wasn't setting him up for a bigger role and was more aiming to mirror Bruce's childhood trauma and early fighting experience.

Will Robin Appear in The Batman 2?

Following The Batman's hopeful ending, Bruce Wayne has now realized hope is just as important as, if not more important than fear. Looking forward, this could push Bruce to accept more humanitarian responsibilities in Gotham as the billionaire playboy philanthropist has often been portrayed as.

As part of this, perhaps Bruce could find himself adopting an orphaned child as he often has, and eventually training them into the role of Robin. There's obviously some possibility this could be the mayor's son, but Reeves has so far pushed heavily for comic accuracy, making it more likely to see Dick Grayson introduced in future sequels.

Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight debut already introduced moviegoers to many of Gotham's most famous icons including much of Batman's rogues gallery and closest allies. The actor previously shared an interest in seeing Robin in a sequel, on the condition he was 13 years old to present a comic-accurate interpretation.

The Batman is playing now in theaters around the world.

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