HBO Max's Batman Spin-off: Showrunner Confirms Big Differences From Fox's Gotham

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The DC Extended Universe is deep in the process of extending its storytelling into the world of streaming, all while other studios like Marvel are excelling at the game of long-form storytelling via this platform. The Suicide Squad director James Gunn will kick this off with megastar John Cena starring in Peacemaker before continuing with the untitled Gotham PD series spinning off from The Batman.

With this being another Dark Knight-related project, questions still remain present about how it will differentiate itself from so many Gotham City-based stories from decades past. In particular, fans are wondering how it will separate itself from the Gotham TV series that ran on Fox for five years and 100 episodes.

Evidently, this comparison is one that Gotham PD's showrunner is well aware of...


In a recent Twitter thread, Gotham PD showrunner Joe Barton tackled a fan asking how this new DCEU show will differ from the Gotham series that aired on Fox from 2014 to 2019.

This comes after recent comments from noted Marvel and DC comic writer Ed Brubaker, who claimed that the HBO Max spin-off is simply "like the Jim Gordon show." Fox's Gotham also focused on the classic Gotham Police commissioner, played in the show by Ben McKenzie.

When asked specifically about how different the two shows will be, Barton put it in very simple terms:

He shared the sentiments of another fan who worried about both programs being too similar to each other, commenting on how he "wouldn't be that interested in remaking a show that ended like 5 minutes ago:"

Barton also touched on Brubaker's comments, clearly in a tough place due to "wanting to correct inaccurate news stories" while also simply being "happy that people are talking about (Gotham PD):"

With his experience in the industry, Barton seems content with the discussion. In the end, he feels there is too much turnover with projects starting and ending "to turn (his) nose up at a bit of discourse:"



While there are surely some worries about Gotham's influence on this new series, the professionals bringing it to life seem to be well aware as the story develops. The biggest aspect of it that should play into Gotham PD's favor is that it's not only directly connected with an existing Caped Crusader on the big screen, but it's spinning off from a story where the hero is already established as one of the city's protectors.

Jeffrey Wright's Jim Gordon will clearly play a key role leading the GCPD outside the core story from The Batman, although the wait continues to see what other details will bring this series to life.

The team is currently casting for a number of roles, mostly including Gotham PD detectives, and it's clear this story will take on the expectedly dark nature of its host city.

There is no set release date for the Gotham PD series, although it will likely come after the 2022 release of Robert Pattinson's The Batman.

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