The Batman: Gotham Spin-off Showrunner Teases Bad Cops In HBO Max Series

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The DC Extended Universe is about to branch off into new stories not only on the big screen but also in the world of streaming as early as 2022. With competitors like Marvel Studios already making a major impact on the superhero genre in that arena, Warner Bros and DC Films are preparing their own new slate of TV shows to help give more depth to their cinematic universe.

Sometime after the theatrical debut for Robert Pattinson's The Batman in March 2022, the DCEU will expand on the inner workings of Gotham City with an untitled Gotham PD series set in the same universe. The show will be set during Bruce Wayne's early days of fighting crime as the Caped Crusader, showing the nitty-gritty and inner workings of Gotham's men in blue.

While it's clear that there will be plenty of dark, seedy characters to focus on in this adventure, the Gotham PD showrunner recently teased even more of that dynamic...


@TheBat_Family and @WayneG1939 on Twitter asked about the untitled Gotham PD series in the DCEU, specifically on the story being focus on the good cops in Gotham City.

Showrunner Joe Morton gave an ominous response, saying simply that "there are no good cops" in this new show:


It's abundantly clear that Gotham is one of the most crime-ridden cities in the comics and in the superhero movie genre, as has been proven on dozens of occasions. Morton seems to be taking these past iterations of Batman's hometown fully into play for this police-centric adventure in the DCEU in terms of corruption .

Previous discussions about the Gotham PD series have teased a sort of "nastiness" that will be explored , putting Gotham on display the way it's always meant to be shown in the comics and on film. While it's still unclear what characters will help achieve this goal or how the series will directly connect to The Batman in theaters , The Dark Knight's home base is in for likely a darker tone and mood than has been used in any previous appearance.

Obviously, there's going to be some kind of protagonist in the Gotham PD series on HBO Max, likely more than just Jeffrey Wright's Commissioner Jim Gordon. On the other hand, Morton's comments indicate that there will be a much bigger presence from the darker side of this story to focus on amongst the glimmer of hope.

There is no official start date for production or release date for the untitled Gotham PD spinoff.

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