Avengers 5 Star Speaks Out on Jonathan Majors' Assault Arrest

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Avengers 5, Jonathan Majors in front of superheroes

Sam Wilson actor Anthony Mackie opened up about the Jonathan Majors controversy ahead of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

The actor was arrested in March for assaulting his at-the-time girlfriend, with the star's team vigorously denying the hefty allegations, calling him the "victim."

Majors' ongoing controversy has left many wondering whether Marvel Studios will move to recast him for Avengers 5 or push forward through the PR nightmare.

The news comes ahead of the Avengers' next big team-up to take on Majors' Kang, which won't release until May 1, 2026, following a recent delay, but Mackie's Captain America is rumored to be among the movie's stars.

Captain America Actor Addresses Jonathan Majors Controversy

Anthony Mackie, Jonathan Majors

Speaking with Inverse to promote Peacock's Twisted Metal, Sam Wilson, aka Captain America, actor Anthony Mackie revealed his true feelings about the controversy surrounding Jonathan Majors after his assault arrest.

Mackie noted how the U.S. is "a country that was built on 'everyone is innocent until proven guilty,'" seemingly suggesting caution on jumping to conclusions about Majors until his trial verdict is reached.

The Captain America actor added that "nothing has been proven about" Majors:

“That’s one of the staples of this country. Nothing has been proven about this dude. Nothing. So everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That’s all I can say. It’s crazy where we are as a society. But as a country, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.”

Mackie's Sam Wilson is expected to take on a starring role in Avengers 5 where Earth's Mightiest Heroes will face off with the many Variants of Jonathan Majors' Kang the Conqueror.

The MCU Responds to Jonathan Majors Controversy

Anthony Mackie comes as the first MCU star to give public comments on the ongoing Jonathan Majors controversy, with him essentially sharing the opinion that the actor deserves due process to determine whether he is innocent or guilty.

That process is underway with Majors having already had multiple court hearings, with his trial set to officially begin on August 3. Only time will tell the outcome of the case, but the press stemming from it will leave a minefield for Marvel Studios to navigate ahead of Majors' MCU return in October's Loki Season 2.

In the coming weeks and months, fans are bound to hear more MCU stars speaking out on the Majors situation, although most will likely offer a similar "innocent until proven guilty" sentiment to Mackie to avoid trouble.

Obviously, Mackie and Majors haven't yet worked together in the MCU, so it's unclear whether the two know each other at all, but they will likely find themselves sharing plenty of time together on set once filming on Avengers 5 gets underway.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty hits theaters on May 1, 2026.

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