Avengers 5 Star's Violent & Abusive Behavior Exposed by New Report

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Jonathan Majors

A new report has shed light on alleged abusive and violent behavior from Avengers: The Kang Dynasty star Jonathan Majors in his interactions with partners and peers.

Majors was arrested for domestic abuse in March 2023 in New York City, forcing Marvel Studios to ask some serious questions about what to do with his role as Kang the Conqueror.

Although Majors has repeatedly denied the allegations and done everything he can to prove his innocence, the discussions surrounding his problems have made for some uncomfortable discussions for fans about the MCU's future as well.

New Report Details Alleged Jonathan Majors Abuse

Jonathan Majors on red carpet
Jonathan Majors

Rolling Stone Magazine shared a new report explaining new details behind Jonathan Majors' abusive and violent tendencies.

Over a dozen sources interviewed by Rolling Stone alleged that Majors physically abused one of his romantic partners and emotionally abused another. One source offered the following summary: “It was pervasively known that he was [a good actor], and that he also would terrorize the people that he had dated."

Nine different people discussed how Majors emotionally abused a woman who he was dating in the past. It is important to note that this is not the same woman who was involved with Majors' recent assault charges. 

The woman who Majors is accused of emotionally abusing woman said her relationship with the Avengers 5 star was "emotional torture" and that there were moments of "near violence" where Majors would "get filled with rage." 

Other dialogue explained how Majors said that he "needed to hit something or punch a wall or something of that nature."

A classmate of Majors' at Yale discussed how the passion he brought challenged those his age to match his energy to make them all stronger, but it created an incredibly competitive atmosphere in what was actually said to be a safe space.

With Majors having grown up playing football, he likened his college experience to being on a sports team, with one classmate offering the following quote:

"I heard him say, ‘You don’t choose your teammates. You don’t have to love everybody, but you do have to respect everybody."

Almost every graduate that spoke to the outlet praised Majors for his talent, describing him as "poised" and "kind" while also highlighting his incredible work ethic:

"[His] tremendous potential as an individual … combined with his focus and a hard work ethic was something that I expected was going to take him very far."

Another Yale graduate at school with Majors noted the difference between "hard-working intensity, and...fear-based intensity," remembering how Majors had an energy where people "didn’t really cross the lines" he set in place:

"There’s obviously hard-working intensity, and then there’s fear-based intensity." There’s this 'Don’t step out of line with him. Just do what he says' sort of thing. There’s an energy and a culture around him that you didn’t really cross the lines that he created."

According to six different alumni, his intensity could be too much to handle, with comments slipping out after his own personal upbringing that affected his working relationships:

"There was something else there. Things would slip out, and you knew it came from a personal place of truth. He was always working with something."

One person recalled physical scenes with Majors in class, where it was imperative for everybody involved to not "fly off the handle" with their scene partners:

"When you’re doing a physical scene — all of [the physical contact] has to be agreed upon. Nothing — especially in the pedagogy of that school — is fly off the handle."

Describing his behavior as "very problematic," another graduate noted that many "felt in physical danger around him" and worried for their own mental safety as well:

"His behavior was very problematic for his class. A lot of people felt in physical danger around him and certainly in mentally precarious positions because of him."

At one point, Yale administration sent an email with a "reminder about rehearsal etiquette and violence" only a day after Majors was involved in a violent altercation with two other classmates.

Majors reportedly shrugged off the incident like it was no big deal, with the former schoolmate describing how he could be "really cold, scary, and violent" even while bringing a welcoming charisma, using his physicality as a way to scare people:

"He can be very charismatic and really gentleman-like and sweet, but then he could also be really cold, scary, and violent. He was someone who would use his physicality to intimidate."

The report also detailed a movie directed by Elijah Bynum titled Magazine Dreams, which releases in December and stars Majors as an obsessed bodybuilder overcome with self-resentment and rage.

Crew members noted that Majors actually method acted through that role, with producers even warning the team to keep their distance from the actor. But even with that warning, Majors was still verbally aggressive and abusive by screaming and cursing at crew members, making many on the team extremely uncomfortable.

Higher-ups on the movie received at least one complaint, but Majors held a position as the executive producer on the film, with some feeling Bynum wasn't in a place to come after Majors due to the star power he held.

One production member made it clear that no method actors "are violent or rude toward their crew" in this way, calling Majors "completely disrespectful and kind of violent" towards those he worked with and making them afraid of getting hurt:

"I’ve heard of different Method actors and how their behavior is, but none of them are violent or rude toward their crew [Majors] was completely disrespectful and kind of violent toward everybody.… It put everyone on a stress level because we can’t do our job because we were afraid we were gonna get hurt."

Another crew member made a point to say that there's no place for somebody to "terrorize people with your character:"

"At the end of the day, it’s just a job. You leave it at the door. You don’t terrorize people with your character."

Majors' character in this movie "was deeply lonely, isolated, hurt, and angry" according to a third production member, who called that headspace "very hard...to be in as an actor." Taking on that mentality for such a long time "is an immense stress on the psyche," which is exactly what Majors did for months.

Recognizing Majors' short temper and tendency to lash out at the crew, they believed it was due to the actor's attempt to stay in character, expressing hope that Majors learned to take a moment before unleashing on those around him:

"Hopefully, he learns to pause for a second before he lashes out and can be honest about the stresses that a person takes on."

Is Jonathan Majors’ Movie Future in Jeopardy?

Should these anonymous quotes be true, this report unquestionably shines a disturbing light on Jonathan Majors as his trial continues to make negative headlines for everybody he’s worked with.

And even with co-stars like Anthony Mackie expressing that "Nothing has been proven about [Majors]" yet, seeing these quotes build in quantity only hurts Majors’ case further as he argues his innocence.

Reportedly, Marvel Studios is already considering potential replacement options for Majors should things take a turn for the worst before Avengers 5 goes into production.

With that movie recently having its release delayed until May 2026, Marvel and Disney have more time to come up with a contingency plan, although it’s going to be uncomfortable no matter what happens.

And with Majors already set to return to the MCU this year in Loki Season 2 on Disney+, the conversation amongst fans and executives alike won’t be something that anybody can ignore through this difficult situation.

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