Andor Season 2 Star Prepares Fans for 'Devastating' Storyline

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Mon Mothma, Andor

As Andor Season 2 prepares to tell more stories before Rogue One, one Star Wars actress promised that the upcoming batch of episodes will be "more dangerous."

After an incredible debut season, the anticipation for Andor Season 2 is high. Cassian Andor actor Diego Luna previously shared that “[they’re] working really hard” to bring “an even better second season” to the world.

Moreover, Andor producer Tony Gilroy promised that the final season will be "very different," saying that it will revolve around "learning to be a leader and how difficult it is to put the alliance together."

Rogue One Star Hypes Up Andor Season 2

Mon Mothma in Andor
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Speaking in an interview with The Playlist, Mon Mothma actress Genevieve O'Reilly talked about Andor Season 2 and its "devastating" storylines. 

In Season 1, Mon Mothma faced a number of difficult decisions, one of which revolved around marrying off her only daughter to Davo Sculdun's son (a decision that she clearly despised). 

When asked if her story can't necessarily get happier in the upcoming season, O'Reilly responded by saying that "it's probably a wise guess," promising fans that Mon Mothma's story in Season 2 will be "more dangerous" and "more heartbreaking:"

"No, I think that’s probably a wise guess there. And you’re right, we already know where we’re going so you can fill it in. I promise you it’ll be more dangerous and more emotional and more heartbreaking and more devastating than even I thought it would be."

The Star Wars actress also reflected on the fact that each story being told in Andor mainly revolves around "sacrifice:"

"But I do think that speech you’re talking about in episode eight, I think it speaks to the heart of the whole piece. And the storytelling in this is so parallel. There are so many stories running parallel to each other in a linear fashion, and each of them at the heart is about sacrifice."

The Rogue One star then pointed out how "heartbreaking" and "mind-blowing" for Mon Mothma to sacrifice her own daughter for the rebellion: 

"And for Mon Mothma the idea that this woman, this brilliant woman could even entertain the idea of sacrificing her daughter for the rebellion is heartbreaking and mind-blowing. And in a way, it’s hard to say this out loud, but deeply noble. How much more important are the freedoms of everyone around you than the one? You sacrifice the one for the many. Is that her ethos? Does she believe in it so much that she’s going to set fire to her life?"

O'Reilly also talked about Caroline Blakiston's original performance as Mon Mothma in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, saying that she always wondered why the character portrayed such "great sadness" during her brief appearance: 

"Caroline Blakiston played her originally in 'Return of the Jedi' and in that scene that she did, there is not very much to say and it is a lot about what is going to happen, “This is the plan” whatever, but at the end she says that very kind of famous line about how many Bothans died. And you can see at that moment there is a great sadness. And I was always wondering what the kernel of that pain that that woman was. Or you go all the way there and you kind of go, “O.K., she’s sacrificed a lot.” I don’t think rebellion is pretty."

What Are Mon Mothma’s Storylines in Andor Season 2?

Mon Mothma is expected to continue to have a major role in Andor Season 2, especially after a stellar small-screen debut. 

While the character already had a rough Season 1, Genevieve O'Reilly's comments suggest that more heartbreaks will soon arrive for the Rogue One character in the show's sophomore run. 

It's possible that the senator-turned-rebel will witness the fixed wedding between her daughter and Davo Sculdun's son, leading to more heartbreak for the already-devastated mother. Moreover, the downfall of her marriage could also be highlighted. 

Despite the devastating storylines that O'Reilly teased, there is still hope that everything that the character did for the rebellion would pay off, cementing a much stronger alliance that is poised to topple the Empire in the future.

In fact, the first footage for Andor Season 2 featured Mon Mothma saying, "If we do not stand together, we will be crushed," indicating that the senator will finally unleash her innate leadership skills for the sake of the rebel alliance. 

Andor Season 1 is streaming on Disney+ while Season 2 has no release date yet.

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