Andor Season 2 Star Reveals the Biggest Change from Season 1

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Genevieve O'Reilly from the Star Wars Disney+ series Andor revealed the most exciting change that the show's upcoming second season will implement.

Diego Luna's big streaming series was a surprise hit for Lucasfilm, with both fans and critics raving about its quality. In fact, out of all the company's projects over the recent years, Andor seemed to garner the strongest reaction.

Last summer, ahead of the first season, it was revealed that while its freshman run was told over the course of a year, Season 2 would span a total of four years.

Turns out that at least one cast member is pumped for the possibilities those time jumps can bring.

Andor's Exciting Season 2 Choice

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In an interview with Playlist, Andor star Genevieve O'Reilly, who plays Mon Mothma, spoke about what the biggest change in the upcoming second season is.

The actress started out by pointing out how the show's creator originally "had arcs" for multiple more seasons of story, but it's been condensed into a single one, which she called "a juggernaut:"

"So, he definitely had arcs. He had an arc in regard to each year essentially what was happening. So that shifts and changes when you decide. And I think what they’ve done going into the second season is quite extraordinary, the way it allows for the piece to be almost like a juggernaut."

She continued, noting how "super exciting and deeply compelling" it is for Season 2 to be "using every three episodes to jump a year," which is a huge change from Season 1's timeline: 

"And I think the excitement of using every three episodes to jump a year drives the piece and drives the narrative in a way that is super exciting and deeply compelling. And it’s been interesting to be a part of last season and this season and see the difference. And in that storytelling, just in the structure of how you tell a story."

O'Reilly shared that it's super "helpful and vital" to get all of the scripts ahead of time and how getting the lines on the morning is "really difficult:"

"It’s extraordinarily helpful and vital to have scripts to be able to carve and create and to be a collaborative creator within the piece. And many people do this brilliantly, but it is really difficult to chip away or to chisel at something when you’re just getting on the morning [of filming]. If you just get it in the morning, you have to use all your instincts and you just have to go."

The actress admitted that some "people are brilliant" at working more instinctually without too much of a heads-up:

"And people are brilliant at that, and I love watching instinctual actors, but there is a great acknowledgment of craft if you’re given the time or the space to absorb the story and to be a part of creating. The first season I think was slightly different because of COVID. We did get all the scripts. 

O'Reilly admitted that Season 2 has "been a bit different," but that Andor creator Tony Gilroy "is a great collaborator" and would consistently chat with the actors about their scenes:

"This season it’s been a bit different, just because we haven’t the time... Of course it’s all written, but it wasn’t the same. But Tony [Gilroy] is a great collaborator and he’s really interested in chatting. So, he would ring and we would chat through bits. And he’s such an ear for words and for people and for connection and communication that when you then get the script and you see what he has created, it’s all there, there’s nothing to do after that. It’s quite a unique experience to get scripts that are so beautifully written and that hold such a breadth of story."

The Implications of Consistent Time Jumps

A lot happens within the four years between the events of Andor Season 1 and Star Wars: Rogue One. While Andor's first season took its time telling the story, it's hard to imagine the sophomore run being anything other than packed to the brim with content and eventful happenings.

When it comes to Genevieve O'Reilly's Mon Mothma, fans should expect a "more dangerous" and "heartbreaking" storyline for the character. Perhaps audiences will see the tragic Ghorman Massacre, the event that caused the Senator to denounce Emperor Palpatine publicly.

Another part of Season 2 will be the return of Andy Serkis' Kino Loy, who many fans thought died in the freshman run of episodes. Not much is known about what he'll be up to, but the actor himself teased that the character is "in quite a lonely place."

Audiences should also get ready to see how Cassian Andor met his droid buddy K-2SO, who sadly wasn't included in Season 1—though other droids of his model made the cut

Andor Season 2 is set to hit Disney+ later next year.

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