Ahsoka Season 2: Star Wars Just Accidentally Hinted at Show's Renewal

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A new post from Star Wars inadvertently hinted at Ahsoka Season 2, despite a second effort for the series having not yet been announced. 

Lucasfilm's latest Disney+ series has really stuck a cord with audiences, earning rave reviews across its seven episodes

Despite following the journey of its titular Jedi closely, the series almost feels like an epilogue to the hit Star Wars: Rebels animated show. 

Because of its epilogue-like feel, it has remained unknown if a potential second season of Ahsoka could be on the cards, as the story will seemingly be continued in other shows like The Mandalorian and the upcoming MandoVerse movie

Ahsoka Season 2 Possibly Teased

Ahsoka Tano in Episode 7
Star Wars

The official Star Wars X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram accounts sent fans into a flurry of speculation after a recent post may have spoiled the announcement of Ahsoka Season 2. 

The post in question (as spotted by io9) is promoting the Ahsoka finale - which is set to debut on Disney+ at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday, October 3 - where the Lucasfilm brand referred to the final episode as a "series finale:"

"Get ready for the series finale of 'Ahsoka' tonight. Catch up on Episode 7, now streaming on Disney+."

It was then deleted on X and edited on Instagram to say the "season finale," potentially hinting at more from the Dave Filoni-created series. 

In io9's reporting on the story, they do mention that this is not the first time the upcoming eighth episode has been referred to as the season finale, with some promotional material referring to it as such even as the now-deleted "series finale" post was up. 

Season 2 of the show was previously teased by star Rosario Dawson, who remarked that if "the fans love it," then they "get to do more," but nothing official on the matter has been announced: 

"I really, really hope the fans love it. That means A) we get to do more and B) we’ve honored the legacy of this character and this journey, and I know that’s what we intended to do."

Will Ahsoka Season 2 Ever Happen?

As Ahsoka comes to the end of its first eight-episode run fans wait with bated breath to see if a Season 2 will be announced. 

Rosario Dawson and the rest of the cast seem game if and when Lucasfilm comes calling, as Dawson shared her particular enthusiasm for a second season:

“I’m absolutely putting it out into the universe... We’re joking about it, but I’m manifesting it because I feel like I helped Dave [Filoni, Star Wars mastermind and Ahsoka Tano’s co-creator] manifest this role. So I’m ready. I’m excited. I’m willing. I got my ice-packs ready to go for Season 2 and beyond! I would not be mad at that.”

Earlier this year, fans found a listing from Disney referring to this first Ahsoka run as "Season 1," so the evidence is mounting for Season 2 becoming a reality. 

For those more skeptical fans, Star Wars is very particular when it comes to the way it words things. The franchise knows the power words can have especially when it comes to these Disney+ streaming series. 

Something like 2022's Obi-Wan Kenobi was very clearly labeled an event series with the potential for a Season 2 being very slim

If Lucasfilm did not see Ahsoka moving forward in any way, it would make that clear. 

And even if the series does not get a sophomore run, this is surely not the last fans see of these characters, with the cast of Ahsoka seemingly set to play a part in the upcoming Dave Filoni-directed MandoVerse movie. 

Ahsoka's eighth episode begins streaming at 9 p.m. ET on Tuesday, October 3. 

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