Ahsoka Season 2 Gets Promising Update: When Could It Release?

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New evidence suggests the Force is strong with the odds of an Ahsoka Season 2. 

Talk of a planned second season for Dave Filoni's "continuation" of Star Wars Rebels began long before Ahsoka ever debuted; however, speculation quickly jumped to hyperspeed after the Star Wars series Episode 8 finale

Now, a new report has further insight into Ahsoka's Disney+ future, leaving fans to wonder how long they will have to wait for it.

When Will Ahsoka Season 2 Release?

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According to Deadline, another season of Star Wars' latest series, Ahsoka, is actually "more of a reality in the conversation" at Lucasfilm and Disney.

While nothing is set in stone on Ahsoka's potential continuation, this news follows a Lucasfilm hint about an Ahsoka renewal that was issued ahead of the series' eighth episode. 

While the show left the story unresolved, leading fans to expect another season, the fact that the Rosario Dawson-led series is part of the MandoVerse - an interconnected Star Wars narrative on Disney+ - didn’t guarantee a second season.

This is because Ahsoka's conclusion could have been reserved for another connected series or Dave Filoni's MandoVerse movie and in which Thrawn is expected to be the primary villain.  

But now that more Ahsoka may be in the works, the new question is when a Season 2 could drop on Disney+. 

At the moment, the earliest audiences could expect a second season of Ahsoka is the summer of 2025, particularly since the show isn't locked in and the VFX work the series requires. 

Other factors contributing to a 2025 release (or later) are the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike, the likelihood of the cast's conflicting post-strike schedules, and the fact that The Mandalorian's next season is expected to debut first since Jon Favreau confirmed that "[he's] written [Season 4] already" and a September or October 2023 filming start date was planned before the strikes. 

What Ahsoka Season 2 Means for the MandoVerse

Since no one knows when the SAG-AFTRA strike will be resolved, or how it will affect the industry and studio plans, it may be a while before Lucasfilm officially announces an Ahsoka Season 2. 

For now, additional insider reports and the events of Skeleton Crew may be the best gauge of what Star Wars has in store.

However, while claims of studio interest in more Ahsoka is good news for the show, the same can't be said for Star Wars' grand MandoVerse plan. 

If anything, it suggests there isn't one. 

The language an Ahsoka Season 2 being "more of a reality" suggests there's no concrete plan for the show's future. And, as a result, there's no definite date or plan for Dave Filoni's culmination event film

Lack of planning and direction based on audience response was the fatal flaw of Disney's Star Wars sequel trilogy. Hopefully, Lucasfilm isn't making the same mistake twice with its Disney+ narrative and Dave Filoni's storytelling. 

But again, due to the state of the industry, it's tough to know the true state of Star Wars. 

However, if Lucasfilm's plans for Ahsoka and the MandoVerse are uncertain, perhaps a pause will better serve the greater narrative, regardless of how eager Star Wars fans are for more. 

Ahsoka Season 1 is available to stream now on Disney+.

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