The Mandalorian Season 4 Gets Exciting Update from Jon Favreau

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Mandalorian Season 4 release

With its third season mere weeks away, The Mandalorian showrunner Jon Favreau offered an update on Season 4 of the Star Wars streaming series. 

Favreau and Dave Filoni's Disney+ Mando-verse has continued to expand since its debut in November 2019. 

The pair have continued to hint at the eventual "crossover" event all these Mando-related series are heading towards, with audiences set to start "[getting] answers" about where this is all heading in the next two Seasons of The Mandalorian

The last fans heard about Season 4 of the Pedro Pascal-led streaming series was back in May, as Jon Favreau revealed he was in the middle of writing for the project.

A Mandalorian Season 4 Update

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Speaking with French entertainment news program BFMTV INSIDE, The Mandalorian creator and showrunner Jon Favreau hinted at where they stand with Season 4 of his flagship Star Wars series. 

With Season 3 looming on the horizon, Favreau noted that "[he's] written [Season 4] already," adding that he did much of the work on the fourth season "during post-production" of the third:

“Season 4? Yea, I’ve written it already. We have to know where we are going to tell a fully formed story. So, we had mapped it out, Dave [Filoni] and I. And then slowly you just write each episode. So I was writing it during post-production, because all of it has to feel like a continuation and one full story."

He lamented that "we have to know where we are going to tell a fully formed story," pointing to series like Ahsoka and Skeleton Crew as things to "keep in mind" when building out their greater Mando-verse:

"And then he’s doing ‘Ahsoka’, which I’m production with him, but he’s the writer and showrunner on that. And so, to understand what’s happening on other shows or even ‘Skeleton Crew’, they all take place in the same Star Wars time period. So, there’s alot more things that we have to keep in mind and stuff that we’ve built up to from previous seasons of ‘The Mandalorian’ as well."

This is in line with recent reports that filming for Season 4 is currently set to commence in October, with the search for prop teams and pre-production crew being underway now. 

When to Expect The Mandalorian Season 4

As audiences waited two years between The Mandalorian Season 2 and 3, surely those eager for more of Mando and Grogu will be wishing and hoping for a shorter gap between 3 and 4. 

And updates like this are a good sign. With shooting expected to begin later this year, and the entire fourth season having been written, Jon Favreau and co. seem ready to hit the ground running for another adventure across the stars.

Right now, a late 2024 release for Season 4 feels like it would fit naturally into the production pipeline. 

What Season 4 looks like remains up in the air. It certainly feels like the groundwork is officially being laid for the Avengers: Endgame-level event for the Mando-verse

Pedro Pascal and co. are ready for anything (with Pascal himself teasing all sorts of creative spin-off ideas), so fans should not worry, because it does not look like the end of The Mandalorian is coming any time soon. 

The Mandalorian Season 3 is set to debut on Disney+ on March 1. 

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