Your Honor Season 3 May Happen on One Condition, According to Star

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Bryan Cranston in Your Honor

Your Honor star Bryan Cranston kept the door open on renewing the show for Season 3 albeit with one big condition.

In the summer of 2022, Cranston referred to Your Honor Season 2 as its final season, which came after a surprise renewal following it initially being conceived as a limited program for Showtime.

The series dominated Netflix viewership lists after it was added to the streamer on May 31, ranking in the top 10 most-watched programs as recently as the week of June 10-16 (per Netflix).

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What We Know About Your Honor Season 3's Potential Renewal 

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Speaking with Deadline in April 2023, Your Honor star Bryan Cranston shared the one condition it would take for him to come back for a Season 3 if it were given the green light.

Before this interview, he admitted that the decision on Season 3 was "above [his] pay grade" but that he would be "happy to see it continue."

He then noted how Showtime had interest in renewing the show for another set of episodes at the time. However, his main condition for moving forward would be if he produced the show and did not appear on camera since "[his character is] back in prison:"

"My comment was I’m not sure that there could be or there is. There is some discussion. Showtime has indicated there is interest and we’re very proud to know that every episode in Season 2 increased in the audience from the previous week. If it happens, fantastic but it’d have to be some great reason to keep expanding in this world and to find out where the allegiances are. I’d be very interested in producing that. I don’t know about being in it because my guy’s back in prison."

Cranston was referencing his character, Michael Desiato, returning to prison at the end of Season 2 after revealing his complicity in his son's car accident that killed another teenager.

Additionally, on June 9, Cranston took to Instagram to comment on the show's new reign of success on Netflix after its debut on the streamer.

He thanked fans worldwide for helping it place in Netflix's top 10 charts "in just a week," teasing how many twists and turns it has for fans who haven't watched it yet:

"Thanks for watching 'Your Honor' on Netflix. You’ve helped skyrocket the show to the top ten in just a week. Wow. And to those who haven’t locked onto this show yet - try it… I promise you’ll twist and turn right along with the plot… Bryan"

Three weeks later, Cranston posted on Instagram again to thank fans for keeping the show in Netflix's Top 10 for all of June, sharing his gratitude for the support:

"Hey everyone, I just heard that 'YOUR HONOR' has been on Netflix’s Top 10 the entire month!! Wow. I am blown away Thanks for watching, and hope you have a great weekend. BC"

Will Your Honor Season 3 Happen?

While Your Honor unquestionably boasts the viewing numbers from its first two seasons to warrant a third being greenlit, there are reasons that decision could go either way.

The viewership on Netflix alone is reason for the streamer to consider picking it up again. After all, it became a top 10 most-watched program more than a year after finishing its initial run on Showtime within weeks of hitting the platform.

However, considering Cranston's condition that he avoids starring in Season 3, Netflix may be hesitant to continue the story without him on screen, even if he is still a producer.

The Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle star is still a huge name in Hollywood, and his inclusion on-screen was surely part of why it ranked so high in viewing numbers in the first place.

Of course, many fans likely be excited to see the series continue with or without Cranston's Michael Desiato if he is still involved behind the scenes. How Netflix or other streamers view those prospects is a different story, leaving Your Honor's future in limbo.

Both seasons of Your Honor are streaming on Netflix.

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