Young Avengers Assemble: Watch Hailee Steinfeld Dance with Xochitl Gomez In New Tiktok

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While the Young Avengers are still some time away from assembling in the MCU, two of its key members just shared a meeting together on social media.

Throughout the MCU's Phase 4 slate, younger heroes have been scattered about in various Disney+ shows and movies, teasing the first assembly of the Young Avengers on screen. The two most recent additions were Hailee Steinfeld in Hawkeye and Xochitl Gomez in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, bringing two of the team's most prominent female stars to life.

With Hawkeye and Doctor Strange 2 taking place in vastly different parts of the MCU, Gomez's America Chavez and Steinfeld's Kate Bishop haven't met on screen yet, especially with the Young Avengers largely being kept in their own stories for now. But that didn't stop the actors playing them from sharing a fun night with one another, which was recently confirmed in a new TikTok video.

Young Avengers Actors Celebrate Night of Fun

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On her TikTok account, America Chavez star Xochitl Gomez posted a video of herself dancing alongside Kate Bishop actress Hailee Steinfeld as they celebrated Steinfeld's 26th birthday, which comes on December 11. The MCU co-stars were grooving alongside another guest with Steinfeld's new single "Coast" playing in the background as Gomez captioned the post with "Happy b day Hailee!!!! <3:"

Hailee Steinfeld, Xochitl Gomez
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The full 32-second video can be seen below:

When Will the MCU's Young Avengers Assemble?

Even with a 10-year age difference between Gomez and Steinfeld, the two have clearly taken their MCU ties to heart and built a friendship through their places as Marvel Studios up-and-comers. Seeing them engage in social media posts together will surely be fun for younger fans to engage with, although many will now wonder when the two could potentially team up on the big or small screen as well.

Arguably the soonest these two could meet up would be in either 2025's Avengers: The Kang Dynasty or 2026's Avengers: Secret Wars, with both movies bringing Earth's Mightiest Heroes together for their next big battle. Secret Wars would seemingly be the more likely of those two with Marvel wanting to open the floodgates with characters from across the comic book movie landscape, although there's no telling whether the Young Avengers would be asked to fight those battles.

Gomez has also expressed her own desire to see the Young Avengers team up eventually, although she has no idea when Marvel plans to bring the group together for the first time. Additionally, Chavez and Bishop have a particularly close friendship in the comics, which only makes the actress' real-life ties more meaningful as they build off-screen chemistry in anticipation of their on-screen adventures together.

With so much on Marvel Studios' plate, it may still be a few years until Gomez and Steinfeld get to show their expertise alongside the rest of the Young Avengers, especially considering the Phase 5 and Phase 6 release schedules might be spread out more over the next few years. But when they do suit up alongside one another, they'll help lead their young cohorts into some exciting battles as the Multiverse Saga leads into bigger things moving forward.

Hawkeye and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are now streaming on Disney+

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