X-Men's Tye Sheridan Shares His Feelings About the MCU's Cyclops Being Played by Someone Else

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The theatrical return of the MCU has unfortunately been delayed once again, but Marvel Studios is still going strong planning out its long-term future. This includes not only everything announced thus far, but also the major characters and franchises acquired in Disney’s purchase of Fox Studios last year.

There is no concrete timeframe for when the X-Men or Fantastic Four will be joining the Avengers, but fans are already voicing their opinions on who they want playing the iconic Marvel heroes. Along with these fancasts, the most recent actors to portray these characters have also been asked if they would continue their performances in the MCU reboots. Another one of these actors has just shared his own thoughts on the future ahead for the Mutants in the MCU...


In a new interview with Comicbook.com , Cyclops actor Tye Sheridan discussed the potential future of the character after Sheridan's two appearances as Scott Summers in X-Men: Apocalypse and Dark Phoenix . He shared these sentiments when asked how he would feel if Marvel decided to move in a different direction with the MCU's Cyclops:

“I was excited and honored to play Scott Summers after James Marsden. I always looked up to that guy and I always thought he was super cool in those movies and a good guy and a great actor and I think a lot of people would probably have... They're part of the X-Men franchise now, probably feel the same way towards, all the actors that played the roles before them, it's just, I think it's an honor to kind of fill the shoes of something that's great or someone that's great. I don't think I would feel weird, you know, as long as it... I think they're doing, the cast is doing, the story justice and they're doing the X-Men world justice."


It is still completely up in the air what Marvel Studios will decide to do in terms of recasting their X-Men . While Marvel CCO Kevin Feige has only briefly mentioned that the studio is in the early process of working the X-Men into the fray, there are so many other projects confirmed to come earlier on, and the studio knows how important it is to bring mutants in the right way .

In terms of Sheridan’s quotes, it’s clear that he is grateful for the time he has already spent in the franchise while still being open to a return if Marvel does bring him back. The 23-year-old is in no way freaking out one way or the other, as is the case with a few of the other recent actors to star in the X-Men franchise from Fox.

While MCU fans want the arrival of mutants as soon as humanly possibly, the fan base understands how much time and planning Marvel Studios puts into each and every one of their projects for the big and small screen alike. It will likely still be a couple of years before any concrete news comes on the MCU’s Fox-based expansion, but it will make for one of the most monumental days in the franchise’s history when it comes.

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