X-Men '97 Producer Defends Lovemaking Scene In Disney+ Show

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X-Men 97 Magneto and Rogue dancing

A producer of X-Men '97 addressed the alluded-to naughty scenes that were a part of the recent Disney+ series.

X-Men '97 was a smash hit for Marvel Animation and Disney+, the finale garnered 3.5 million views globally within its first five days on the platform, making it the most-watched full-length animation series finale since the first season of What If…?

However, compared to its Marvel Animation counterpart, X-Men '97 features more adult themes and scenes. 

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Marvel Studios Exec Defends X-Men '97 Magneto & Rogue Scene

The first allusion to sex in X-Men '97 was when Morph, Gambit, and Wolverine noticed that Rogue and Magneto were scheduled in the Danger Room that night and most of tomorrow during Episode 3.

Morph jokes that "Rogue is really training her stamina with the new boss."  

Danger Room Schedule
X-Men '97

Later, during a vision manipulated by Mr. Sinister, Gambit sees Rogue and Magneto undressed with their skin tissue connecting. 

Rogue and Magneto embracing in the Danger Room.
X-Men '97

X-Men '97 producer Brad Winderbaum addressed the passionate scenes with Variety, noting that the studio wanted to "honor the source material" in the original X-Men series:

"Part of the ethos of the show is to emulate our memory of the original cartoon, and honor the source material."

Another steamy scene was during the same Sinister sequence of Episode 3 when it is alluded that Morph briefly joins a naked Wolverine in the shower.

Woverine in the shower.
X-Men '97

The first full-blown lovemaking scene in the MCU was during Eternals, which director Chloé Zhao previously discussed the importance of.

Winderbaum further defended the animated scenes, adding that X-Men is all about "human desire" and the complications of romance can lead to "how friends become enemies and enemies become friends:"

In every page of 'X-Men' is human desire, and how it leads to romance, to complications, to people’s awakenings in various ways over the years, and how it leads to conflict and tragedy and how friends become enemies and enemies become friends.

The executive confirmed the interviewer's question about the series having intercourse in it, saying that this is about "human desire and passion:"

Part of that is about human desire and passion. Even though a lot of it is implied, you’re right to say it’s very present in 'X-Men.'"

More Love Scenes in X-Men '97 Season 2?

Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers for X-Men '97

Based on the epic finale, the X-Men may be too distracted for any future love scenes during Season 2.

At the end of X-Men '97 Season 1, the X-Men are scattered across different time periods following the destruction of Asteroid M. 

Magneto and several X-Men, including Rogue, Beast, Nightcrawler, and Professor X, find themselves in ancient Egypt, where they encounter a young En Sabah Nur, who will become Apocalypse. 

Meanwhile, Cyclops and Jean Grey are transported 2000 years into the future, meeting the Clan Askani led by Mother Askani, and encountering a young version of Nathan Summers.

This sets up significant future plotlines in Season 2, with Cable possibly forming X-Force and Wolverine, Storm, and Morph's fates remaining unknown. 

The post-credits scene on Genosha hints at Apocalypse's plans to resurrect Gambit as his Horseman of Death, foreshadowing his prominent role in the upcoming season.

Will there be time for more allusions to lovemaking? Only time will tell.

All episodes of Season 1 of X-Men '97 are now streaming on Disney+.

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