X-Men '97 Powers Guide: All 12 Heroes' Abilities Confirmed by Marvel Studios

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X-Men '97 has re-introduced the Marvel superhero team to the world and the classic characters come with a variety of superpowers thanks to their mutant genes.

The new Disney+ series is a continuation of the hit X-Men: The Animated Series that ran for five seasons in the 1990s. X-Men '97 follows the same characters, chronicling their attempts to uphold the legacy of the X-Men in the wake of the loss of their leader, Professor X. 

Full List of Heroes in X-Men '97 and Their Powers

In a recent X-Men '97 project profile, Marvel Studios & Disney shared a character guide announcing the powers and abilities of the main dozen heroes in the animated revival series:


Cyclops in X-Men '97

In the absence of Charles Xavier, Cyclops (aka Scott Summers) steps up as the new and determined leader of the X-Men. Cyclops' abilities allow him to emit red energy beams from his eyes, which are focused through his iconic visor. 

Jean Grey

Jean Grey in X-Men '97

Jean Grey has been depicted in a few different ways over the years, but in X-Men '97, she is the empathetic heart of the team and Cyclops' other half. 

X-Men '97 co-executive producer Dana Vasquez-Eberhardt described the couple in a press release as being "pull[ed] between two lives, two families" - one being the X-Men and the other the family they are building together.

Jean's powers are tied to the immortal energy nexus known as the Phoenix Force, which gives her immense telepathic and telekinetic abilities.


Storm in X-Men '97

Storm is perhaps one of the most iconic X-Men members, largely due to her live-action portrayal by Halle Berry

An Egyptian Goddess, Storm's powers over the weather are described as "omega-level abilities" by Vasquez-Eberhardt, but despite this, she is one of the more reserved personalities on the team. 


Wolverine in X-Men '97

While everyone eagerly awaits Hugh Jackman's return to the role of Wolverine later this year, Cal Dodd's equally iconic portrayal of the character will be seen first in X-Men '97.

As many are surely well aware, Wolverine's powers lie with his three retractable adamantium claws that extend from between the knuckles on each of his hands. He also has advanced healing abilities which make him almost impermeable - although that hasn't stopped Jean Grey from stealing his heart. 

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Rogue in X-Men '97

Lenore Zann returns to voice Rogue in X-Men '97, a charming character with the superpowers of strength and flight. More notably, she also has the ability to absorb memories and the powers of others with her touch.

In Season 1 of X-Men '97, Rogue is described as the heart of the story by Vasquez-Eberhardt:

"The audience, new and old fans alike, will be introduced to a incredibly powerful and ultimately incredibly vulnerable, Southern Belle longing for a romantic connection that is always just beyond her grasp. She’s torn between loves and loyalties, testing her strength more than any super villain ever could."


Beast in X-Men '97

Beast was seen only recently in an MCU post-credits sting from The Marvels, but he gets plenty more screen time in X-Men '97.

Beast's mutant gene manifests in his furry blue exterior that provides him with super strength paired with his superhuman genius intellect. 


Gambit in X-Men '97

Gambit's notable power is the ability to kinetically charge objects, with his favorite object being the playing cards he can quickly turn into deadly weapons.

A Cajun with an affinity for charm over violence, Gambit is described by Vasquez-Eberhardt as having "roguish behavior".


Jubilee in X-Men '97

The youngest member of the X-Men is perhaps one few have seen since X-Men: The Animated Series

Jubilee is on the precipice of adulthood in X-Men '97. She has the ability to generate colorful energy plasmoids, but Vasquez-Eberhardt teases she will level up in "awesome new ways" throughout the season.


Morph in X-Men '97

Morph is the comedic relief of the X-Men team. The shapeshifter can take the form of another person and perfectly imitate them, which he uses both against his enemies and for his own amusement. 


Bishop in Marvel '97

Bishop's mutant powers allow him to absorb energy, but more importantly, he is also a time traveler. Voiced by Isaac Robinson-Smith, Bishop hails from the near future and often harbors secret knowledge of events that are yet to come.


Nightcrawler in X-Men: The Animated Series

Vasquez-Eberhardt describes Nightcrawler as a "charming swashbuckler." The character is kind-hearted and blue-skinned, sporting sports a tail, pointed ears, and fangs, along with his superpower of teleportation. 


Sunspot in X-Men '97

Gui Agustini voices Roberto, the newest member of the X-Men and a trust fund baby who has always chosen the path of less resistance. Roberto's powers are unclear initially in X-Men '97 but in the comics, Sunspot is able to absorb and channel solar power.

X-Men '97 Episodes 1 and 2 are streaming on Disney+.

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