Disney+ X-Men Reboot: First Look at 8 Main Superhero Logos

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A new update seemingly revealed the superhero logos for Marvel Studios' upcoming X-Men reboot on Disney+.

While Marvel's marvelous mutants have been slowly popping up in live-action, 2024 will see the team take the main stage thanks to the animated streaming series X-Men '97.

The series serves as a spiritual sequel to the beloved 90s animated X-Men series, seeing classic takes on these super-powered heroes return for the first time in nearly 30 years. 

A Good Look at X-Men Reboot Logos

New superhero logos surfaced in preparation for Disney+'s upcoming X-Men '97 series. 

As posted by X-Men Updates on X (formerly Twitter), this collection of eight images seems to show off who will be part of the animated series' central team in the X-Men reboot. 

Classic X-Men heroes Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Storm, Gambit, Rogue, Jubilee, and Beast are all featured here.

Each one of them sports an appropriately 90s-themed aesthetic that is perfect for the X-Men: The Animated Series legacy sequel. 

Headlining the bunch is Cyclops (aka Scott Summers), whose logo treatment has ruby-red lasers shooting in all directions like the hero is known to do with his optical blasts. 

X-Men 97 Cyclops Logo
Marvel Studios

Jean Grey's comes with angular lettering, fitting for the sharp-witted and daring X-Men hero. 

Jean Grey X-Men 97 Logo
Marvel Studios

While the Wolverine logo is similar to that of classic Wolverine comic covers, this one sports a red and orange-tinged coloring as opposed to his classic yellow and blue. 

Wolverine X-Men 97 Logo
Marvel Studios

Storm's 97 art is sleek and smooth, looking almost ice-like for the weather-wielding hero. 

Storm X-Men 97 Logo
Marvel Studios

Of course, Gambit's logo had to put a spin on his almost wizard-like abilities, being bright pink and looking gothically machiavellian just like the hero himself. 

Gambit X-Men 97 Logo
Marvel Studios

Rogue's logo treatment has a similar gothic style; however is more brightly colored, brandishing the character's green-and-yellow color scheme. 

Rogue X-Men 97 Logo
Marvel Studios

As bubbly as the iconic mutant herself is the Jubilee logo which looks like it would be right at home in a 1990's toy aisle. 

Jubilee X-Men 97 Logo
Marvel Studios

Last, but certainly not least, is the brutish Beast branding. This logo is bright blue just like the X-Men's brooding blue brainiac, with a crumbling kern on the lettering fit for the hulking hero. 

Beast X-Men 97 Logo
Marvel Studios

What Are These X-Men Logos Exactly For?

While seeing these colorful creations for X-Men '97 is exciting, it remains unclear what these logo treatments are actually for. 

The exact release timing for the animated X-Men reboot has not yet been made public, but these logos could be part of the X-Men '97 marketing machine coming to life. 

Like some character posters for the series that surfaced last year, this could all be leading to some of the first merchandise for the series making its way out into the world. 

Another theory for what these logos could be for has to do with how the series is going to open. 

As a part of X-Men: The Animated Series' iconic opening credits, each of the main mutants got a personalized logo treatment. 

Some of these new logos bear a striking resemblance to their '90s counterparts and may be the first indication X-Men '97 is going to use a similar title sequence. 

This would likely see the series introducing the main characters one by one, all potentially soundtracked by the original series' beloved theme song  (a song fans have heard hints of in Marvel's recent live-action projects). 

X-Men '97 is currently slated to release sometime in 2024. 

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