Disney+’s X-Men '97 Reboot Gets Promising Release Update

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X-Men '97, the reboot of the old Animated Series, has gotten a promising new update following the delay of more than a few Marvel Studios projects.

Marvel Studios is currently facing a lot of changes. From Blade getting a full reset, Armor Wars being turned into a movie instead of a series, and a major delay for Avengers: Secret Wars—nothing is set in stone anymore.

Most recently, the Disney+ series' Echo, and possibly Ironheart, were also pushed back into 2024. Even The Marvels couldn't escape the cascading release adjustments.

Thankfully, for those looking forward to the animated X'Men '97, the upcoming revival may still be safe.

An Update on X-Men '97's Premiere

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In a recent Twitter exchange, the release date for X-Men '97 has gotten a promising update.

On Twitter, @XMenUpdate posted a report about X-Men '97 and its release this year:

"Despite reports of Marvel Studios working to spread out releases and giving projects more time in post-production - 'X-Men '97' is still tentatively scheduled to debut on @DisneyPlus this upcoming fall."

In response, the show's head writer, Beau DeMayo, responded with a simple winking emoji.

He then went on to post a separate tweet that offered a more clear message, indicating that X-Men '97's release date is still set for Fall 2023:

"Trust me, I'd be the first to say something if something changes."

This information has not been confirmed by Marvel Studios.

The Future of Marvel Studios Animation

While the live-action side of Marvel Studios looks to be going under a lot of changes, the animation isn't faring much better.

Audiences have still heard nothing about What If...? Season 2, which was supposed to release early this year. Then there's Spider-Man: Freshman Year, which has had some worrying reports about much of its staff being let go.

There also hasn't been much movement when it comes to new shows in development.

But, at least for X-Men fans, they can rest easy knowing that X-Men '97 is still on the way. In fact, Cal Dodd, who voices Wolverine, just confirmed a Season 2 is on the way.

X-Men '97 is expected to hit Disney+ by the end of 2023.

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