When Will Wish Start Streaming? Disney Plus Reveals March 2024 Release Schedule Without Movie

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The official Disney+ release schedule for March 2024 omitted Wish from the calendar, leaving some wondering when it will finally see its streaming debut.

Disney debuted its latest animated flick Wish in November to mixed reactions and a disappointing box office result. Regardless, many fans remain eager to enjoy the movie at home on Disney+ following its digital release in January.

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Wish's Disney+ Release Receives Concerning Update

King Magnifico in Disney's Wish movie

Those eagerly awaiting the streaming release of Wish have been left disappointed by the "Next on Disney+" schedule for March as the animated flick has, once again, been left omitted from the calendar.

This does not guarantee Wish won't come to Disney+ in March - and there's every reason to think it might - as the House of Mouse has announced releases for the following month after posting its monthly calendar in the past. 

Some of the Disney+ releases confirmed for March include Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Taylor's Version), Morbius, The Bad Batch Season 3, and X-Men '97

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Why Wish Should Still Come to Disney+ in March

Disney has followed a consistent release path for almost all its movies in recent years: theatrical, digital, Disney+, and finally physical.

Wish came to theaters on November 24, digital on January 23, and has already announced its physical release for March 12. As such, it would be a surprising departure for the House of Mouse if Wish didn't still make its way into early March.

Although, with recent Disney-distributed movies including Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, The Marvels, and Haunted Mansion, the Disney+ debut has been placed a matter of days before the Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD release.

Disney hasn't always given the most notice on its streaming releases, with last year's Elemental coming to Disney+ on September 13, just one week after the date was announced on September 6. The Pixar flick arrived similarly to Wish, having been left off the "Next on Disney+" blog post originally.

So, despite the seemingly concerning update leaving Wish off the March 2024 schedule, fans can expect the centenary-celebrating Disney flick to be streaming by mid-March.

If Wish does not come to Disney+ by then, the House of Mouse may be holding out hope to generate extra revenue from digital and physical sales after its disappointing box office haul. Regardless, it would be surprising if the movie was not to make its way to streaming at some point in March.

Wish is available now for digital purchase.

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