Warner Bros.' Static Shock Movie Rumors Debunked by DC Writer

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Static Shock

Warner Bros. is currently in a massive state of flux with regard to its upcoming slate of movies, most prominently the ones within the struggling but expansive DC Universe. Included in that mix is Static Shock, which features a bright up-and-coming Black hero, although it's struggled to even get off the ground for the studio through its merger with Discovery.

Michael B. Jordan is set to serve as an executive producer on this mysterious DC movie, which centers on Virgil Hawkins as he learns about his electromagnetic powers. But with so many movies being canceled or delayed in the DC Universe, most famously Leslie Grace's Batgirl, fans have major concerns that Static Shock will find itself meeting the same fate and never going further into development.

But as these rumors continue to spread across the internet, one of Static Shock's key comic artists has cleared the air on what's going on with the hero's live-action movie debut.

Static Shock Writer on Movie Cancelation Rumors

Michael B Jordan, Static Shock

Static Shock comic writer and artist Nikolas Draper-Ivey took to Twitter to dispel the rumors that the Static Shock movie has been canceled.

Sharing an article from Comic Book Resources where he was quoted saying the same thing, Draper-Ivey made it clear that it may take time, but that Static Shock is still in development:

"I mean it’s true! People just make up whatever and have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes. Things are shifting, but they aren’t going to mess with Static. There’s a lot in the works, but these things take time."

On September 23, Draper-Ivey offered a similar comment about the film, telling fans not to worry about any rumors being written up that discuss the movie's potential cancellation: 

"Stop speculating about the Static movie. Don’t worry about those articles and be patient. I will not elaborate on this any further."

As a reply to that Tweet, the artist shared a six-second clip of Nick Offerman from Season 2 of Parks & Recreation.

In the clip, Offerman's Ron Swanson tells a Lowe's employee "I know more than you," with Draper-Ivey implying he knows plenty about what's happening with the Static Shock movie.

When Will Static Shock Go Into Development?

Even with the entire DC Universe being up in the air at this point in time, Static Shock's place in the proceedings feels more precarious than most of its counterparts. It's especially tough since the movie is trying to bring in a new character that fans have never seen on the big screen before, not to mention that there are no cast members attached to star in the new film yet.

This could remain the case until things become more clear with Warner Bros.' plans for its DC slate, which might not happen until after The Flash premieres in theaters. However, this depends on whether Static Shock is a part of the DCEU or not, as other universes are still set to continue in films like Todd Philips' Joker: Folie à Deux, which could mean that Static Shock may still shine on his own.

Regardless of how this movie plays out, it appears that fans need not worry about it being canceled, as the character's current writer remains confident that everything will fall into place.

The Direct has analyzed everything we know thus far about Static Shock and its development process.

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