Warner Bros. Showcases 5 Upcoming DC Superhero Movies at CinemaCon

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DC upcoming superhero movie releases

Following Warner Bros' merger with Discovery, the company looks forward to a big couple of years ahead with DC properties across various stories. Currently, fans are flocking to HBO Max to revisit Matt Reeves' The Batman, while the next few months hold highly-anticipated releases for new movies on the big and small screen alike.

Last month, the company announced a major reshuffling effort for the new live-action movies set within the DC Extended Universe, meaning that fans will have to wait until October for more of those stories. While Shazam!: Fury of the Gods will now debut earlier than initially expected, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was set back a couple of months and The Flash faced yet another round of setbacks.

Even with these difficulties, Warner Bros. remains optimistic about its prospects moving forward. The company's superhero franchise looks to make a mark on the industry in the near future. That future will be highlighted at an upcoming fan convention, and a new report indicates which specific projects will take the spotlight for the leading studio.

5 DC Movies Coming to CinemaCon 2022

Twitter user @D_hernandez912 shared an image of Warner Bros' DC line-up from CinemaCon 2022, which starts today in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The location includes imagery for five upcoming DC projects, starting with the animated DC's League of Superpets coming to theaters on July 29. There will also be announcements for Black Adam (10/21/22), Shazam!: Fury of the Gods (12/16/22), Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (3/17/23), and The Flash (6/23/23).

DC CinemaCon


DC Superhero Movies Ready to Shine

With just over three months remaining until Warner Bros brings DC back to the big screen, this weekend is the time to make another promotional push for the impressive slate of projects coming soon. While all five movies are in different stages of post-production, all of them should have the opportunity to bring something to the table for fans, especially with so little promo material out at this point.

League of Superpets could bring a second full trailer after kicking off its promotional tour in November, bringing huge names like Kevin Hart and John Krasinski into the DC world. Additionally, the franchise's live-action stories may take this weekend to bring either the first signs of footage or a first full trailer to hype their releases.

Thus far, the only movies with teaser trailers are Black Adam and The Flash, although The Flash also faces more difficulties than any of its companions due to off-camera issues. Shazam! 2 only has the smallest of teases out for fans to get a hint of what Zachary Levi's new costume looks like, and Aquaman 2 has only shown stills of Jason Momoa's new suit and limited behind-the-scenes footage.

At the moment, Warner Bros' is keeping its plans for CinemaCon 2022 under wraps, but fans will have their eyes on the convention all weekend to see what comes from the panels.

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