WandaVision Finale Teases Anti-Mutant Stance In MCU

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This article contains spoilers for “Episode 9” of WandaVision .

The end has arrived for Marvel Studios’ WandaVision , the entertainment mogul’s first attempt at a streaming show on Disney+ . After a wild ride for the last eight weeks with twists and turns all the way through, fans are still on a high from everything that went down in “The Series Finale.”

Although the series' ninth episode didn’t quite give the explicit reveals and MCU connections many were hoping for, it was filled with more than its fair share of action and drama . As the fight for Westview came to a heartbreaking end, Wanda Maximoff made her full evolution into the Scarlet Witch while sacrificing Vision and her sons to set her world right.

However, as Wanda left Westview and put her past behind her, there was a very certain feeling of uncertainty before she took to the skies.



In the closing minutes of WandaVision “Episode 9,” Wanda Maximoff dissolved the Hex around Westview, NJ, putting all of its occupants back in their right minds.


Before Wanda's departure, the Westview locals all stand around her, staring at her as an outcast. This could indicate the start of the MCU public harboring anti-mutant feelings going forward into Phase 4.



In both Marvel Comics and the Fox-produced X-Men movies, large portions of the world's population aren't shy about sharing their dislike of mutants and the mutant gene. There are even a number of events that people have used to try to eliminate them altogether.

The mutants from Marvel Comics haven't yet been introduced into the MCU after the Fox/Disney merger, but they are now in early development thanks to reports of Marvel CCO Kevin Feige producing The Mutants for release in the near future .


Wanda herself is classically shown as a mutant in the comics, but due to the X-Men's rights being in Fox's possession for years, Marvel Studios couldn't technically take the story in that direction upon her arrival in Avengers: Age of Ultron . Whether this is a retcon into a new path is a mystery, but after everything that happened in Westview, it's clear that there will be a revived round of resentment toward the red heroine.

WandaVision ended with Wanda completely on her own in an undisclosed location, studying the Darkhold and honing her magic skills to new levels. While there is still likely over a year until the Scarlet Witch returns in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness , she will clearly play a key role in the MCU as the story progresses the next few years.

The full season of WandaVision is now available to stream on Disney+.

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