WandaVision: White Vision & Witch Agatha Get Their Own Funko Pops

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WandaVision White Vision Funko

Marvel Studios has handled the marketing for WandaVision flawlessly, releasing new promotional material following each episode's debut to keep the excitement high without spoiling any of the show's big reveals. 

After WandaVision’s most recent installment finally gave audiences their first full look at Agatha Harkness, fans had to wonder when merchandise for Kathryn Hahn's character would finally present itself to the world. 

In addition, the newest episode of the Disney+ series also included a big post-credits scene that revealed even more and offered even bigger implications for the show's finale. Now, Marvel has given their merchandisers the green light to capitalize on this new development as well. 


After WandaVision's eighth episode finally gave fans a full look at Agatha Harkness in all her magical glory, Funko is finally gracing actress Kathryn Hahn with her own Funko Pop! that perfectly encapsulates her wicked ways. 

The new Agatha Harkness Pop can be seen below:


Agatha Harkness WandaVision Funko

To the surprise of many, though, the post-credits reveal of SWORD's new Vision is also getting the Funko makeover with a new figure as well:

White Vision WandaVision Funko

And to many collectors' delight, this new Vision Pop! will also come in a very cool glow-in-the-dark variant that will be exclusive to Walmart in the US. 

White Vision WandaVision Funko



Agatha Harkness finally receiving her own Funko Pop! is long overdue at this point, but it makes sense that Marvel waited until now to unveil it. The witch's wicked look wasn't fully shown until last week, when "Episode 8" put the focus on Agatha's story and what her presence means for WandaVision

What's interesting about the new glow-in-the-dark Vision Pop! is that it showcases the bright light on his forehead where the Mind Stone once sat, adding further mystery to just how this new synthezoid is powered after being rebuilt by SWORD. 

The best part about this triple-announcement is that the WandaVision Funko collection amounts to over a dozen different figures. Despite only seeing a handful of figures available when the Disney+ show debuted, this should give fans a strong indication that they can expect the same type of rollout for future Marvel TV endeavors as well. 

Fans will get to see if any other WandaVision characters earn a Funko Pop! of their own when the series finale debuts on Friday, March 5. 

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