WandaVision Leak Reveals Elizabeth Olsen's New Scarlet Witch Funko Pop

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Elizabeth Olsen Scarlet Witch

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the season finale of WandaVision. 

Due to WandaVision's weekly release structure, Marvel has been waiting until after the weekend of each new episode to reveal merchandise for installments that just aired. The past few Mondays have all revealed some cool promo material for the show, and much of it has been in the form of Funko Pops! 

As many know, Agatha Harkness and Vision both got their time in the Funko spotlight last week following "Epsiode 8's" release, still leaving one more Funko figure to be revealed following the WandaVision series finale. However, it looks like someone got their hands on the new Vision Pop! a little early, and the packaging for the new figure reveals the final piece in the Funko puzzle for the MCU's first Disney+ venture. 


Thanks to an MCU fan on Twitter (@IdilHakeem) who's eager to complete their WandaVision Funko collection, they shared that Scarlet Witch is the last Pop! that will be released for the new Marvel web series. 

Made complete with her new super suit and hooded cape, Wanda is displayed levitating and appears to be studying the Darkhold as seen in the final post-credits scene for the Disney+ series

The tweet with the leaked first look at the new Scarlet Witch Funko Pop! can be seen below: 



WandaVision Scarlet Witch Post-Credits Scene
Marvel Studios

It's very fitting that the last Funko figure to be revealed for WandaVision will encapsulate the show's biggest development, as Wanda was the main focus of the series that ended with her finally stepping into the role of the Scarlet Witch. Plus, this has got to be a relief to fans who were worried that they'd have to wait until Wanda's next MCU appearance to have a shot at a Pop! that captures the majesty of the Scarlet Witch's new getup. 

What's interesting about this figure is that it shows Wanda with her hood over her head. She wasn't wearing her hood in the post-credits scene that this moment is from, but Funko wouldn't have been able to model this figure without specific direction from Marvel Studios. This seems to indicate that Scarlet Witch's new hood will be utilized more frequently in her future MCU appearance since Marvel wanted Funko to take note of it as part of the costume.

And let's not forget: as Wanda walked down the streets of Westview at the end of the series, she also wore her hood up on her jacket. This is a very exciting aspect of the Scarlet Witch's new look as the hood seems to symbolize Wanda hiding from the world as she continues on her quest to mastering her abilities. Fans should expect that plot point to continue to prevail later on down the road. 

It's also pretty fascinating that this is yet another MCU post-credits Pop! Marvel Studios has recently switched gears and put more merchandising focus on their post-credits scenes - specifically with their Funko merch. On top of this WandaVision scene already being touted as super significant by being placed after the finale's credits, further solidifying this specific moment with Scarlet Witch's first Funko figure in her new form could mean that her time studying the Darkhold will be one of Phase 4's most pivotal plot points. 

Although this leak came a couple of days before the usual time that Funko makes these WandaVision reveals, they'll still have to wait it out through the weekend before they can officially unveil the latest Pop! in the collection. So unless they get word from Marvel Studios to act otherwise, Funko will presumably be announcing this final addition to the WandaVision collection on Monday, March 8. 

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