WandaVision's Post-Credits Scene Gets Scarlet Witch Funko Pop

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WandaVision Scarlet Witch Ending Toys

WandaVision has come to an end, meaning Marvel’s first streaming endeavor is finally available to watch in its entirety.

This also means that Marvel Studios can now release all of their merchandise for the show as they no longer have to worry about spoiling any element of WandaVision that has yet to develop .

As many dedicated fans know, Marvel was still withholding the reveal of one more Funko figure leading up to WandaVision’s season finale. But now that the show has completed its debut run, Funko is finally free to feature their final figure for the franchise.


While an image of the latest WandaVision Pop! leaked last weekend , Entertainment Weekly has unveiled Funko's last figure for their WandaVision series with Scarlet Witch.

Mimicking a familiar Doctor Strange MCU moment, Wanda uses her newfound abilities of astral projection while studying the Darkhold in her new Scarlet Witch attire.

WandaVision Scarlet Witch Funko Pop
Entertainment Weekly

EW also revealed a new Scarlet Witch action figure as part of the Diamond Select line of toys, giving fans an even cleaner look at Wanda's new getup.

WandaVision Scarlet Witch Diamond Select
Entertainment Weekly


It’s awfully good that Marvel required merchandisers like Funko to wait until after the season finale to announce this Pop!, as it would’ve spoiled Scarlet Witch’s new MCU look that was revealed in the final episode.

The figure also would’ve given away the series’ post-credits scene that shows Wanda diving deeper into the study of dark magic — an element that has huge implications for the future of the MCU and most likely sets up Wanda’s role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness .

As mentioned in an earlier article , Wanda donning her hood over her head in this piece of Marvel merch is a curious detail since she wasn’t shown wearing it in the WandaVision scene that this figure is meant to commemorate. Wanda was also shown wearing a hood before she changed into her Scarlet Witch attire and fled Westview, implying that she’ll continue to hide herself from the world as she familiarizes herself with her abilities and studies the dark arts.

This could be big for the MCU. Wanda was clearly already on SWORD’s radar for Acting Director Hayward to frame her for breaking into their facility and stealing Vision’s body. Despite Hayward’s arrest, he had an entire team dedicated to this mission. Wanda’s beef with SWORD is likely far from over, so she’s probably hiding from them too. After the performance that SWORD put on in Westview, it’s quite intriguing to think about the measures that they'll take to find the Scarlet Witch.

Additionally, the Darkhold will surely be a highly coveted item in the MCU, and there's no telling who else will come after it now that it's in Wanda's possession. Fans could even see the hellbent Mordo pursue the Scarlet Witch while on his quest of ridding the world of sorcerers, as he would certainly disapprove of Wanda's abuse of her abilities.

Alternatively, the Darkhold could actually have a negative effect on Wanda, pulling her deeper into the realm of dark magic. This could warrant the intervention of Doctor Strange, which would then explain Wanda's involvement in the Sorcerer Supreme's super sequel film releasing next year.

All things considered, this new Scarlet Witch Pop! is the perfect figure to round out the WandaVision collection as the series comes to a close, and it sets an awesome precedent for future Marvel endeavors as well.

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