WandaVision Leak Reveals MCU Superhero Costumes For Billy & Tommy Twins

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Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Speed, Wiccan

This article contains spoilers for WandaVision .

The anticipation surrounding WandaVision has dialed up even further week after week , mainly due to the show's treasure chest of mysteries. Without any context, the inaugural MCU series on Disney+ started in a sitcom format by showing the blissful married life of Wanda and Vision. As a result, this plot point confused viewers right away .

This led to numerous theories and speculations about what's really going in Westview. Thankfully, “Episode 4" of WandaVision delivered answers to the lingering questions of fans, showing off the real-world perspective of Wanda's fabricated reality.

While the latest episode did soften the blow by letting the audience understand what's (partly) happening, there is still a lot to uncover. Part of this mystery is the birth of Wanda and Vision's twins, Billy and Tommy.

It remains to be seen how the twins will directly affect the narrative of WandaVision moving forward, but it seems that a late leak may offer clues on how it will play out in the coming weeks.


Twitter user @BRMarvelNews shared a leaked piece of merchandise for WandaVision , showcasing a Funko Pop depicting the Halloween costumes of Billy and Tommy.

Interestingly, Billy's attire is similar to the costume of his superhero alter ego, Wiccan. Meanwhile, Tommy's garb pays homage to the comic-accurate suit of Quicksilver.


On the surface, this is a game-changing reveal. Given that the Funko Pop mentioned that this will happen during the Halloween episode, this means that it will be set in the 90s. By connecting the dots, the age of the twins would've matched a grade-schooler by then.

At this rate, the fact that the twins will age rapidly as the show progresses should generally confirm that WandaVision will feature the MCU debut of Speed and Wiccan in the latter half. In a way, this makes narrative sense since it became clear that the Elizabeth Olsen-led project pays homage to the iconic House of M storyline from the comics.

An interesting takeaway from the leaked figures is Tommy's costume. In Marvel Comics, Tommy's superhero attire has a shade of green and white. Meanwhile, in this latest Funko Pop, it mimics the design of Quicksilver, and this could potentially hint at the much-anticipated return of Pietro Maximoff in the post- Endgame world. The nature of Quicksilver's return has long been a major topic of discussion among fans, and using the twins as the medium for his comeback is a clever decision on Marvel's part.

All in all, it will be interesting to find out if a full-blown family reunion will occur during the final moments of WandaVision , reuniting Wanda, Pietro, and the twins in an emotional moment.

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