WandaVision Director Teases Heartbreaking Scenes Between Elizabeth Olsen & Paul Bettany

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Wanda Maximoff, Vision

At long last, the next phase of the MCU is set to kick off on January 15 with the first episode of WandaVision on Disney+ . Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are set to return as title roles of Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlett Witch and Vision, respectively.

Even after the fatal events of Avengers: Infinity War for Vision, there is still more of this human and android romance to be told. The close relationship shown in Infinity War between Vision and Wanda is part of the inspiration for this upcoming series. While Wanda has already faced great heartbreak with the losses of her parents, brother, and android lover, it seems more is on the way for the Scarlett Witch.


In a recent interview with SFX Magazine , WandaVision director Matt Shakman revealed more details on the MCU's upcoming "six-hour epic event."

"It's an intricate puzzle box of a narrative. We were constantly building forwards and then having to go backwards; constantly having to challenge your earlier assumption and ideas. Be rigorous about making sure things are holding together, because you're building a six-hour epic event; you have to make sure that the final minutes of that event series are just as satisfying as the beginning."

Shakman goes on to assure fans that this is an "MCU extravaganza" and that Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen are challenged with "heartbreaking" moments.

"And it's a full MCU extravaganza, so there are the big dramatic moments, and the high stakes life-or-death moments. And Paul and Lizzie are absolutely up for the challenge of those heartbreaking beats, so we had to go there as well."


It has always been the assumption that, in WandaVision , Vision hasn't actually come back from the dead, similar to the "House of M" comic book run in which Scarlett Witch creates her own reality in hopes to bring back her dead children. It seems as though the MCU is adapting this story, having Wanda create a new reality after the passing of her beloved Vision. Much of the plot is still unclear, despite multiple trailers and interviews for all the world to see and dissect.

Knowing how much Wanda has been through, it is painful to think there will be even more heartbreak for this young Avenger. Fans know from Avengers: Endgame that Vision was her "everything," so his return (even if it is in her head) will be powerful. Unfortunately, not all six-hours will be fun and games for this odd couple, "life-or-death moments" are imminent once again for these two.

Shakman's other description of "constantly building forwards and then having to go backwards; constantly having to challenge your earlier assumption and ideas." is fascinating when considering how that could relate to this story. It is clear that this part-sitcom, part-comic book extravaganza will cover over five different decades.

Could the different decades not be presented chronologically? Or does this " assumption" hint at a retelling of the same story from a different perspective. All will be revealed in the beginning of 2021.

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