New WandaVision Concept Art Reveals Deleted Scene With Evan Peters

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WandaVision's initial premiere on Disney+ was a unique time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For one, not only was it the first project of Phase 4, but also the very first series created by Marvel Studios. The show's air of intrigue had fans theorizing and debating about what might happen every week. Many still think the streaming series has yet to be topped—not including the movie side of the equation.

As great as it was, the final product underwent a lot of changes since it was first filmed before the pandemic. Thanks to COVID-19, and the cascading effects of the deadly disease spreading across the world, the story had to be retooled here and there to make filming possible.

One scene that got axed involved Evan Peters' Ralph Bohner, Darcy, Monica, Tommy, and Billy meeting up in Agatha's basement to potentially try stealing the Darkhold. Their attempt would be foiled by Señor Scratchy, the mysterious bunny from early in the show, who would transform into a demon from which the group had to escape from.

Now, thanks to some newly released concept art, fans can get their first look at what that might have looked like.

New WandaVision Concept Art

Artist Chris Nichols posted some new concept art from WandaVision on his Art Station page, where fans can see a look at one of the many deleted scenes of the series.

In his art, Agatha's basement is featured, but this time the guests are quite different.

WandaVision Pietro

Both Tommy, played by Jett Klyne, and Billy Maximoff, played by Julian Hilliard, can be seen on the right side of the image. Interestingly enough, the artist depicted them starting to unravel, fading from reality. Was there a point and time when that began happening much earlier than it did in the final product?


On the left side of the image, Evan Peters' Ralph Bohner can be seen crouched down, and what seems to be Kat Dennings' Darcy Lewis standing over him.

WandaVision, Pietro

Nichols also showcased some work that he did for Paul Bettany's Vision, which includes imagery of him starting to be torn away from Wanda's false reality.

WandaVision, Vision

The artist also lent a hand in designing the visuals behind the android's initial creation in Westview.



Evan Peters' Bigger Role

While this new concept art only shows a sliver of what the entire scene would have entailed, it's still more than fans have seen before. It's a shame to be reminded that it was cut in the first place; Scratchy remains at large, with his secret remaining in the shadows.

That's not to mention how the entire bit would have helped the finale immensely. The episode had some pacing issues, but some of the more notable marks against it involved how characters like Monica, Ralph, or the kids didn't really get to do much. It was also apparent something had been cut, seeing how the group had vanished off-screen for longer than usual.

Sadly, audiences shouldn't expect to see the scene revealed in the future. In the original article talking about the sequence, it's mentioned how the VFX work on it was never completed. Maybe Señor Scratchy will finally get his time to shine in Agatha: House of Harkness—in whatever form that may take.

WandaVision is now streaming on Disney+.

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