WandaVision: New Images Show Elizabeth Olsen & Kathryn Hahn From Latest Episode's Magic Moments

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There may only be a few days left until WandaVision 's grand finale, but Disney still has some goodies left over from the penultimate episode of the first Marvel Studios series on Disney+. "Previously On..." saw Wanda Maximoff taken on a journey of flashbacks to various points in her past, from her childhood all the way up to the creation of the Hex keeping the town of Westview in a "perfect" sitcom bubble.

WandaVision seems to be the show that keeps on giving.


Four new stills have been released by Disney from WandaVision's "Episode 8". All four of the newly-released stills from the episode feature moments in which magic is used in some form.


The first is from the beginning of the episode when Agatha has Wanda trapped in her basement.


Another is from a scene later in the episode in which Wanda goes to S.W.O.R.D. headquarters and sees what has become of Vision's body. Her eyes glow red as magic emits from her hands just as she is about to use it to break the glass barrier between herself and Vision's remains.


The third image is from the moment at which Wanda places the Hex over Westview . The last thing her magic creates is a new version of Vision, and her magic turns from red to yellow while doing so.

Agatha Harkness WandaVision

The final image shows Agatha in her witch getup using her own - purple - magic to hold Billy and Tommy Maximoff (not seen in this picture).


Not only do all of these newly-released stills feature moments in which magic is used in the episode, but they're also all from very emotionally charged scenes. The first displays Wanda's fear of what Agatha is going to do to her children, the second shows her anger and rage at what S.W.O.R.D. is doing to Vision's body, and the third the raw pain she feels that results in the Hex's creation.

The fourth image is of Agatha, not Wanda, but it represents the anxiety and uncertainty felt by Wanda (and the audience) as her enemy holds the twins in her clutches, and with Wanda being unsure of what to do next.

These four pictures join the two images from the episode released by Disney last Friday , as well as one from the upcoming finale .

WandaVision 's season finale begins streaming on Disney+ this Friday, March 5.

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