WandaVision Star Teases Mysterious Private Life of Neighbor Agnes

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"This is gonna be a gas!"

When the first two episodes of WandaVision dropped in mid-January, it gave fans one thing that they all expected for months: Lots and lots of questions.

For instance, why did Wanda and Vision move to Westview? Is Wanda truly in control of what's going on? Do all of these other characters relate to WandaVision 's plot, or are they just along for the ride?

One mysterious character in particular — Wanda's neighbor, Agnes — has the internet buzzing with theories about who she might really be, and how important she may be to the series.


Kathryn Hahn, the actress portraying Agnes in WandaVision , once again reinforced that her character's background will play further into the show's plot, claiming that she still "can't let (fans) know what's going on in Agnes' private life."

When asked by i09 about Agnes' off-camera life in the Disney+ series, Hahn said that she "has this path in her mind" of where she'll take the character. Hahn went on to admit that, because "no one really cares" about the "private life" of supporting roles, she felt like she "understood Agnes" and was able to play to her strengths on the set of WandaVision .

"It’s interesting. I can’t really let you know what’s going on in her private life just yet, but I do have this path for her in my mind. The thing I kept sticking with, as we were doing all of our research by watching a lot of old sitcoms, was that you actually don’t really get to see their private life ever. No one really cares about who they are, and they just kind of show up, and they’re in the living room or on the couch all of a sudden."

"I, in my career, have played the best friend a bazillion times, especially early in my career, so these are well-worn shoes, but that made me feel like I understood Agnes and what it feels like to be looking through the windows at that couple, wanting to be a confidante, and wanting some goss."


Hahn described Agnes as "looking through the windows at that couple" (presumably Wanda and Vision), and that she's "wanting to be a confidante, and wanting some goss." This only further enforces what fans have already seen in the first two episodes of the sitcom-styled series : Agnes wants in on Wanda's life.

It almost seems like it's the questions that Hahn won't answer that gives fans the best idea of what Agnes is really all about in WandaVision . On the other hand, it's also interesting that Hahn says she has a path for Agnes in her mind, implying that there is more to her character's story that could continue to unfold even after the events of WandaVision .

Promotional artwork and footage for the series has made it clear that Agnes will be a recurring character in most of the nine episodes of WandaVision , if not all of them. Each of the episodes will hopefully give fans more clues as to what Agnes is doing in Westview, as well as why the audience only sees her when Wanda is around.

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