Venom 3: Tom Hardy Shares Prep Announcement

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Tom Hardy, Venom

After being greenlit by Sony Pictures last year, Venom actor Tom Hardy shared a promising update about Venom 3.

Hardy has been at the forefront of promoting Venom 3 ever since it was announced. The Marvel actor previously confirmed that the scriptwriting process for the threequel had begun while also teasing that the franchise may soon end

A past rumor also revealed that Venom 3 is set to begin filming this June, with it potentially ending in September. 

Tom Hardy Shares New Venom 3 Update

Venom Movie Poster

Tom Hardy revealed on Instagram that Sony is currently in pre-production for Venom 3: 

"Whilst working on V3 pre prep @lelping @sonypictures @sony @venommovie this throwback came up #cuttingroomfloor #byetom #thankstom"

The Marvel actor also released a new deleted scene from 2018's Venom, showing Eddie Brock and the titular symbiote arguing while on their way to the hospital: 

What Is Venom 3's Story?

Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock had an eventful outing when he was accidentally transported to Earth-616 in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but he eventually returned to his world with him becoming aware that the titular web-slinger exists. 

There's a strong chance that this subplot from No Way Home could eventually pay off in Venom 3, with the threequel focusing on Brock's search for his world's Spider-Man. 

If that happens, it is unknown if a new Spider-Man will appear in the threequel or if it will eventually connect to the events of Madame Web, who is rumored to feature a baby Peter Parker

Whatever the case, Hardy is clearly at hard work with Sony Pictures to produce a compelling story for Venom 3

Venom 3's release date is unknown, but filming will reportedly begin in June.

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