V Stiviano's Roller Skates Stunt: Clipped Vs. Real Life Details

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V Stiviano roller skates scene in FX Clipped

FX's Clipped Episode 3 featured a sequence of V. Stiviano roller skating around her driveway wearing a neon mask - a moment that took place in real life.

Clipped adapts the true story of former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his downfall in the NBA after he was outed for a series of racist comments by his assistant V. Stiviano.

Clipped's V. Stiviano Roller Skates Stunt

V. Stiviano appeared to be enjoying her newfound fame and sought to capture public attention during Clipped's third episode. 

Donald Sterling's former assistant (played by Cleopatra Coleman) spent time putting together a unique outfit with roller skates and a neon visor to wear in public.

FX Clipped, V Stiviano, Roller Skate Dance

Stiviano exited her home with this lively attire assisted by her team and security as she danced in her driveway and posed for paparazzi. 

The show also featured hats branded with "V. Stiviano" which she had made for her new team amid her rise to fame in L.A. 

FX Clipped, V Stiviano, Hat

V. Stiviano's Roller Skates Stunt in Real Life

As published on April 30, 2014 by 202A Entertainment, V. Stiviano was recorded roller skating in her driveway with her neon visor on and a camera in hand. 

The iconic clip followed Donald Sterling's lifetime ban from the NBA which Commissioner Adam Silver handed him on April 29, 2014.

Toward the end of the video, Stiviano was kind enough to offer refreshments to the paparazzi outside her home in Los Angeles, California. After taking requests from the reporters, she and her team skated back with multiple bottles of San Pellegrino sparkling water to hand out to those gathered. 

In the 2014 clip, those working for V. Stiviano were captured wearing the same branded hat design featured in the FX drama.

Around the time of the Donald Sterling controversy, Stiviano was often captured wearing an assortment of shiny neon visors in everything from roller skates and casual attire to a full business suit (via The New York Post).

As reported by The New York Post, Stiviano was questioned about the masks during an interview with Dr. Phil. 

After the American television star asked if the mask was a means of handling the pain, Stiviano explained, "We all have different ways of coping:"

“We all have different ways of coping. You live in Hollywood. You deal with Hollywood. So you tell me, how should I have acted?"

She went on to add how the masks and roller skates were a way of "making light of the situation" that placed her in the public eye:

"I was making light of the situation. You tell me what would have been better for me to deal with… Should I have been crying? Should I have stayed at home? Should I have been drinking? Should I have used drugs? You tell me. What would have been better? I used the mask. I used the mask. I used the visor, as you call it, the welding mask."

New episodes of Clipped premiere on Hulu every Tuesday until the sixth and final episode debuts on Tuesday, July 2.

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