Who Is V Stiviano's Friend Deja In Clipped? Actress Vs. Real-Life Details

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V Stiviano Friend Clipped Actress

Get to know V Stiviano's friend, Deja, who recently appeared in the Hulu series Clipped.

Inspired by the 30 for 30 The Sterling Affairs, the first three episodes of Clipped are now streaming. 

The series follows the downfall of former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling (Ed O'Neill) during the team's 2013 efforts to win a championship under coach Doc Rivers (Laurence Fishburne).

In addition to the team, Sterling's assistant, V. Stiviano (Cleopatra Coleman), plays a key role in the series. V. Stiviano became the self-proclaimed right-hand person to Sterling and ultimately played a key role in his ban from the NBA by recording and leaking his racist comments.

During Episode 3, V. Stiviano's friend Deja plays a key role in helping her navigate the ongoing legal issues.

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Who Is V Stiviano's Friend In Clipped?

V Stiviano's Friend Deja In Clipped

It's clear in Clipped that Deja and V. Stiviano have been long-time friends. Deja comes across with a strong personality that truly wants to help guide and protect during the time of questioning after the damning Donald Sterling tape releases.

However, in Episode 3, the friendship takes a big hit as V. Stiviano enters newfound fame after making some shaky decisions after the tape's release.

Now surrounded by a new posse of supporters and "friends" Deja calls out V. Stiviano for speaking out against Sterling as a racist:

"You are a Black woman. Why won't you say it hurts to hear him talk about us like that?"

After V. Stiviano denies releasing the tape to the public, Deja is clearly infuriated with her friend, calling her out for being "the worst possible messenger because his racist shit still isn't a dealbreaker:"

"If you had released it, your racist boyfriend would never take your ass back. And that's why, yeah, you're the worst possible messenger because his racist shit still isn't a dealbreaker for you."

Then in the great form of betrayal, V. Stiviano decides to have her security kick Deja out of the house. It's clear to audience members that V. Stiviano is in somewhat of denial and Deja is seeing right through it to the truth.

Get to Know Actress Yvonna Pearson

Outside of this new role on Clipped, Yvonna Pearson s known for her roles in the TV series Disney Television Discovers: Talent Showcase as Franny, the film The Nexus as The Wino, and the TV mini-series The Best Man: The Final Chapters as Jasmine.

According to her personal business website, Pearson began her acting career in elementary school in Washington D.C. and continued performing through high school and into college at NYU, where she graduated with honors in environmental science/biology. 

Now based in Queens, New York, she is fully committed to acting after working various 9-to-5 jobs.

In Clipped, Pearson played a strong role in Episode 3, shining a light on some of the mistakes made during that time by V. Stiviano.

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