Donald Sterling Now: Where Is Ex-Clippers Owner After FX Clipped In 2024?

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Ed O'Neil as Donald Sterling in FX Clipped

The downfall of ex-Clippers owner Donald Sterling is the focus of FX's latest sports drama Clipped, but where is he in 2024?

90-year-old Sterling has climbed to a net worth of $4 billion due to his Los Angeles real estate empire and former ownership of the NBA's Clippers.

What Happened to Donald Sterling?

Jacki Weaver as Shelley Sterling, Ed O’Neill as Donald Sterling, Cleopatra Coleman as V Stiviano in Clipped

Donald Sterling owned the Clippers from 1981 to 2014, purchasing the team as the San Diego Clippers for $12 million and selling them to former Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer for $2 billion as the Los Angeles Clippers.

The downfall of the NBA titan began after he met V. Stiviano at a Super Bowl Party in 2010 before she later became his assistant and right-hand man.

Due to her early Alzheimer's disease symptoms, Stiviano often recorded her conversations with Sterling. It was these tapes one day leaking to TMZ that sparked his end after she caught racist comments from him in 2014.

These comments were released by TMZ in April 2014, featuring racist comments toward NBA legend Magic Johnson and saw him criticizing Stiviano for her associations with black people and for bringing them to his games.

Sterling received a lifetime ban from the NBA by Commissioner Adam Silver on April 29, 2014 and sold the team the following month in May.

Where Is Donald Sterling in 2024?

Since his banishment from the NBA, Donald Sterling has largely taken a step back from the public eye. That said, his wealth and real estate empire in Los Angeles remain strong as Forbes ranked him 785th on its 2024 billionaires list.

The financial outlet noted how Sterling owns many apartments across Los Angeles' Westside and Koreatown regions, along with the Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel.

Sterling earned much of his wealth by buying down-on-the-hells Los Angeles apartment buildings and before then was a successful trial lawyer. He would later receive $2 billion from his sale of the Clippers, leading to his estimated current net worth (according to Forbes) of $4 billion.

In the aftermath of his banishment from the NBA, Sterling vowed to sue the association for the rest of his life. He alleged a widespread conspiracy to end his 33-year tenure as the owner of the Clippers and sought over $1 billion in damages - the lawsuit was settled in November 2016 (via Forbes).

Sterling remains married to Rochelle Stein after nearly 70 years, having been wed since 1955. They had three children together - Joanna, Chris, and Scott, the latter of whom died of a drug overdose in 2013 (via the Los Angeles Times).

New episodes of Clipped premiere on Hulu every Tuesday until the sixth and final episode debuts on Tuesday, July 2.

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