The 10 Best UP Movie Quotes: Funny & Inspirational Lines from Russell, Carl & More

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Up Movie Carl and Russell

Whether one is looking for a giggle or some quick inspiration, Pixar's Up remains one of the studio's most quotable movies. 

Following the curmudgeonly Carl (played by Ed Asner) and energetic boy scout Russell (Jordan Nagai), the 2009 Disney blockbuster tells the story of an old man who reignites his sense of adventure by attempting to fly his house to South America to honor his dearly departed wife, Ellie. 

On the journey, Carl, Russell, and the rest of the Up cast have some relatable, emotional, and sometimes downright hilarious quotes that have lived on long after the film's initial release. 

10 Best Quotes From Pixar's Up

"Adventure is out there!" - Charles Muntz

Charlez Muntz in flight gear giving a thumbs up in Up

Arguably the most iconic line from Pixar's Up, "Adventure is out there" has become synonymous with the animated blockbuster. 

It starts in the movie as the catchphrase of Christopher Plummer's Charles Muntz, a known adventurer who brings Carl with the love of his life, Ellie. However, it eventually becomes a mantra, perfectly distilling the film's theme of never being too old to chase your dreams. 

"A wilderness explorer is a friend to all, be a plant or fish or tiny mole!" - Russell

Russell the wilderness scout making a W with his hands in Up

This particular parlance introduces audiences to the lovable Wilderness Explorer Russell. He says it fairly early in the movie, explaining it to the faultfinding Carl Redricksen as he looks on with skeptical eyes at the young boy standing at his door. 

Not only is this a fantastic explanation of the Wilderness Explorer way, but it also provides a stellar look at who Russell is. His vow to be "a friend to all" thrusts him on an adventure alongside Carl and his house of balloons. 

“Hi there! My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you.” - Dug

Doug in Up smiling with Russel behind him and Carl in front

Joining the fun in Paradise Falls is a chatty golden retriever named Dug. Dug is instantly endearing to audiences (and Russell), sharing his quick warming up to Carl and Russell. 

Throughout the film, Dug the talking dog is seen as affable and the literal definition of man's best friend, something this quote sums up perfectly. 

"Squirrel!" - Dug

Doug looking off into the distance intently in Up

While Dug does possess the ability to speak (thanks to a talkie collar built by Charles Muntz), he is a dog after all. 

And with being a dog comes the canine instinct to go after just anything fluffy and quick-moving. Dug's hilarious "Squirrel!" line puts into words what all dogs have thought at one point or another. 

"With this baby, we’ll never be lost! –Oops.” - Russell

Russell showing his GPS to Carl in his house in Up

Carl had it all planned out. Tie balloons to the roof. Check! Lift off from the city. Check! However, when airborne, he quickly loses the plot, getting lost mid-air on the way to Paradise Falls. 

Thankfully, Russell (who snuck aboard the floating house) has his trusty Wilderness Explorers GPS. That is until he accidentally throws it out the window while brandishing the device's navigational capabilities. Oops!

“I don’t want your help, I want you safe.” - Carl Fredericksen

Carl tying Russell up in his house in Up

"I don’t want your help, I want you safe," Carl claps back at the young Russell after saving the Wilderness Explorer from Charlez Muntz, who turned bad atop Paradise Falls. 

This is the first indication that Carl is starting to see Russell as more than a burden and has opened his heart to the pre-teen stowaway. 

"Won't you please be my prisoner, please, please, please!" - Dug

Kevin the Snipe sitting on top of Doug in Up

This is another hysterical line from Bob Peterson's Dug the Dog. This comes as the team discovers the thing Charles Muntz came to Paradise Falls all those years before to find, Kevin the Snipe. 

This colorful bird is gripped around the ankle by Dug as he lovingly asks it to be his prisoner. 

"Good boy, Dug. You're a good boy." - Carl Fredericksen

Dug sulking at the door of Carl in Up

He may have a rock-hard exterior, but there is a hard of gold deep down. 

Carl eventually embraces Russell and Dug; it just takes time for them to melt the ice he has built up over the years since Ellie's death. He may start Up as a lonely old man but ends it with a furry best friend and a pseudo-grandkid, sharing his love of Dug specifically after they take down Charles Muntz. 

“That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.” - Russell

Russell looking sad in Up

Yes, Russell is one of the funniest characters in Up's colorful cast of characters, but he has layers to him that are slowly revealed throughout the film. One of the most heart-breaking lines from the movie comes from the young Wilderness Explorer as he reveals how much he wishes his father was more in his life. 

This comes as he and Carl walk through the South American jungle, with Russell longingly talking about getting ice cream with his dad when he "used to" come to all his Wilderness Explorer meetings. 

"Thanks for the adventure – Now, go have a new one!" - Ellie

Ellie's adventure note to Carl from Up

After chasing what he saw as Ellie's final wish, Carl discovers getting to Paradise Falls was never the adventure she saw for him. 

At the end of the film, he turns over a page in her "Adventure Book" to find she had chronicled their entire life together, and that their relationship was the adventure all along. He finds one final page she must have included in her dying days, pushing him to move on and telling the love of her life, "Thanks for the adventure – Now, go have a new one!"

Up is now streaming on Disney+.

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