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Under the Bridge, a new TV show coming from Hulu, is based on a hit book from 2005 with plenty of spoilers to examine.

The original Under the Bridge book, which hit shelves in 2005, comes from late author Rebecca Godfrey, with the story being greenlit for a limited eight-episode series in September 2022 (per Deadline).

This story is based on the real murder of a 14-year-old Canadian girl in 1997 after she went to a party with her friends and was never seen again. 

The True Story for Under the Bridge Book 

On November 14, 1997, 14-year-old Reina Virk was invited to a party near the Craigflower Bridge in Saanich, British Columbia, Canada.

Virk reportedly stood amongst some teens who were drinking and smoking marijuana. She was then swarmed by a group called the Shoreline Six. One of the girls extinguished a cigarette on Virk's forehead as over half a dozen others watched. From there, Virk was repeatedly hit, punched, and kicked before others tried to set her hair on fire.

Managing to escape, two of the Shoreline Six dragged Virk to the other side of a bridge and beat her again after making her remove her shoes and jacket. 

While the girls only admitted rolling Virk's beaten and unconscious body into the water, an autopsy revealed that the young girl died by drowning and that her head injuries were severe enough to have killed her. 

This murder became the source for the story told in Rebecca Godfrey's Under the Bridge book.

Under the Bridge Book Spoilers

Following the release of the first trailer for Hulu's Under the Bridge TV show, fans are revisiting the book on which the limited series is based.

This story kicks off with high schooler Warren Botts as the leader of a group of other popular students, with Warren being someone the girls idolize. Included in this group is Shauna Ross, an independent personality who is fiercely drawn to Warren as she deals with a rough home life and a need to be accepted.

However, Warren is shown to have a terrifyingly strong influence on his followers, manipulating them into allowing him access to their deepest and darkest thoughts, desires, and fears.

Shauna then sets off a chain of events that leads to the brutal murder of a girl in their group, Renee Virk, the real-life victim who serves as the book's inspiration in the first place.

Her death leaves the local Missoula community stunned and in shock, exposing various dark secrets hidden beneath the town's seemingly picture-perfect image seen from the outside. 

The secrets that come to light are devastating enough to tear apart families as the town struggles to deal with the murder.

Through these events, the story's core characters are forced to look at their small-town lives and their relationships as they have to question how important loyalty is in life.

The book shows how even in the most calm and peaceful settings, the need to feel accepted and the influence of secrets can push anybody to the brink of horrible actions.

What to Expect in Under the Bridge TV Series

From what fans can see from the Under the Bridge TV series, many are expecting details that were brought to life in both the original book and the story of Reina Virk's murder to be utilized on screen.

Speaking with Crime Reads, author Rebecca Godfrey addressed what drew her to Virk's murder originality and how she came up with the story she wrote in her book.

She referenced a story from her hometown in which "eight teenagers had been arrested," including "seven girls," teasing that the motive was simply "rumors:"

"I saw the headline in November 1997, in The New York Times, 'Grisly Killing of Girl, 14, Startles A Small Town in British Columbia.' At the time, I was living in downtown New York, and 'the small town' was Victoria, where I’d grown up, so there was a personal connection to the story. Eight teenagers had been arrested, seven girls. In the article, a friend of the girls said, 'They were not a gang. They were a group of friends hanging out and things happened.” She said the motive was “rumors.” I was really intrigued by the evasive nature of the teenager’s answers—I wondered: What things happenedWhat were the rumors?"

She wound up "seeing the arrested girls at the juvenile detention center" and realizing they all looked "just like ordinary, suburban girls," being unable to stop thinking about the innocence they portrayed:

Soon after, I ended up seeing the arrested girls at the juvenile detention center in Victoria. They were each in a small cell, and they looked just like ordinary, suburban girls. The disconnect between their appearance and their alleged actions was so strong—I couldn’t stop thinking about them, thinking, 'Well, what if they are innocent?'"

She learned more about Victoria, the town where this event took place, from connections she had growing up there before finding her way directly to the girls involved:

"Victoria’s a very small town, and I had a lot of connections, just from having grown up there. My friend’s dad was a social worker assigned to one of the girls; another friend’s brother worked as a guard in juvie. I began to learn more, talk to people who knew the accused teenagers and their friends, and ultimately, I talked to many of them directly."

With "no experience in crime reporting," she knew there was another story than the one being told by police or other reporters since she was the only one who had gotten to the source:

"I had absolutely no experience in crime reporting, but I could see that there was another story to be told, one that was very different than the official stories from detectives or established reporters, all of whom were older men who hadn’t spoken to the girls, and didn’t really seem to have the ability to understand their world or lives."

Under the Bridge will debut on Hulu on Wednesday, April 17.

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