Twisters 2024 Movie Reviews: Strong First Reactions Get Shared Online by Real Meteorologists

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The upcoming 2024 blockbuster movie Twisters is earning fantastic early reviews, which are coming from meteorologists watching for more than just entertainment.

Led by Glen Powell and Daisy Edgar-Jones, Twisters takes inspiration from the epic adventure seen in 1996's Twister, although it is not seen as a sequel or a reboot.

This film sees a new team of storm-chasers and weather experts joining forces to investigate massive tornadoes in the farmland, risking their lives in the name of science.

Meteorologists Share Strong Reactions to 2024's Twisters

Anthony Ramos, Daisy Edgar-Jones, and Glen Powell in Twisters
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On June 20, Universal invited real-world meteorologists to a special early screening of Twisters at AMC Northpark 15 in Dallas, Texas.

Star Daisy Edgar-Jones also attended the screening as a special guest, after which the guests shared their reactions on Facebook.

It is important to note that these meteorologists' public reviews of the movie are more likely to be positive rather than negative or mixed ones due to Universal's special invite.

WFAA meteorologist Kyle Roberts described the movie as "very entertaining," making it clear that it used a Hollywood-influenced view of storm chasing. 

He praised the special effects and its entertainment value regardless of its accuracy:

"Very entertaining!... It is Hollywood's portrayal of storm chasing, so don't go into it expecting anything more than that. It's not a documentary. While there are callbacks to the original, it is not a remake or a sequel. The special effects are fantastic and it is an entertaining watch."

He admitted it was "less realistic than the first one" in terms of storm-chasing and safety, although it did not take away from his enjoyment:

"In response to someone asking 'how was it?' very entertaining! Not really realistic but it’s a movie and a fun watch! And then in response to someone asking 'Is it less realistic than the first one???' HAHA well…from a storm-chasing and safety standpoint? Absolutely."

WFAA meteorologist Mariel Ruiz reflected on how the original Twister "solidified [her] love for meteorology," feeling that Twisters will do that on a greater level for new viewers.

She also praised Daisy Edgar-Jones' performance, saying she did "an incredible job taking on the role of Kate" and calling the film "a must-see" outing:

"The original 'Twister' solidified my love for meteorology. I think 'Twisters' will inspire the next generation of meteorologists/scientists/so much more. A must-see this summer! It was a pleasure getting to chat with and introduce moviegoers to Daisy Edgar-Jones before the screening. She did an incredible job taking on the role of Kate, a meteorologist changing the name of the game 10/10."

Freelance meteorologist Lauren Bostwick told fans they will "LOVE the new Twisters movie" if they liked the original, emphatically saying she would watch the new one multiple times:

"If you liked the original you’ll LOVE the new 'Twisters' movie that’s coming out July 19!!! I am so thrilled that Universal Pictures invited us to the screening…definitely will be watching again…and again!"

Freelance meteorologist Jeanette Gallardo called Twisters "pretty great," sharing a similar plan to watch it "over and over in theaters:"

"Had the cool opportunity to attend a screening of 'Twisters'... and I gotta say... it was pretty great. I will definitely be watching this one over and over in theaters"

Additionally, independent reviewer Lynne Loves Movies shared her reaction to the film after a separate screening, calling it "a blast" and recommending it to fans. 

After doubting it could top the original, she praised the 2024 movie for putting people like her "in there far more" than its predecessor:

"'Twisters' is a blast!!! In theaters July 19th. I  recommend it. I was at a Sneak screening. Didn’t know so many folks from Chicago were involved. I thought to myself: No way they can top the original 'Twister,' but they really did by focusing on the actual power of the storms themselves. They really put us in there far more than the original and it’s the power and destruction of the tornado that is the villain. The sound is awesome. I bet they’ll get recognition for sound editing.

Her only major complaint was "the romance they hint at between Kate (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Tyler (Glen Powell)," but she praised Powell's portrayal "as the cowboy Storm Wrangler:"

"I’m not too crazy about the romance they hint at between Kate (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Tyler (Glen Powell) and thankfully they don’t focus on that because the chemistry between the two leads seemed lackluster but since they were mostly about storm chasing it didn’t distract from my absolute enjoyment of the movie.  I thought Glen Powell did a great job as the cowboy Storm Wrangler. He has the same motley crew of storm chasing characters vs the corporate crews that exist in “Twisters,” but they don’t build on that too much - thank goodness. Its about those monstrous tornadoes. It’s a thrilling ride for sure. Spielberg exec produces."

How Will Fans React to 2024 Twisters Movie?

Outside of some minor confusion about Twisters being a sequel or reboot, these early reviews should do plenty to get the general public, especially coming from those who know what the characters are supposed to be doing.

On top of the star power from Glen Powell (Top Gun: Maverick) and co-stars like Anthony Ramos (Ironheart) and David Corenswet (Superman), the film appears to have no shortage of epic action. Just like its predecessor, it's the kind of movie tailor-made to succeed as a summer blockbuster.

The 2024 movie also has the advantage of bringing much more believable special effects than 1996's original outing, which seemed to be a big part of why the meteorologists enjoyed it so much.

Now, the big question is if fans will be open to something new from this legacy franchise, particularly in a year with only a few big winners in theaters.

It also has the challenge of coming out amongst heavy competition, with Despicable Me 4 having been released on July 3 and Deadpool and Wolverine debuting on July 26.

Should these reviews be a sign of things to come, however, moviegoers will hopefully respond to that positivity and put forth a good showing.

Twisters spins into theaters on Friday, July 19.

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