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Person of Interest and The Lincoln Lawyer star Darien Sills-Evans guest stars in Tracker Episode 8. 

The latest installment,  "Camden," sees Justin Hartley's Colter Shaw tracking down a missing dockworker who is set to be married, and the reward for finding him is $10,000. 

Tracker Episode 8 premiered on CBS on April 14. 

Every Main Cast Member of Tracker Episode 8

Justin Hartley - Colter Shaw

Justin Hartley as Colter Shaw
Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley plays Tracker's Colter Shaw in Episode 8. 

Colter is a lone wolf and a rewardist known for tracking down missing persons across the United States. 

At the center of Colter's mission in the latest installment is finding a missing dockworker named Ethan Sullivan. The reward for the job is a massive $10,000 payday. 

Smallville fans may recognize Hartley for his role as Oliver Queen in the DC series. The actor also appeared in This Is Us and Revenge.

Abby McEnany - Velma Bruin

Abby McEnany as Velma Bruin
Abby McEnany 

Abby McEnany returns as Velma Bruin, one of Colter's assistants, who helps him find jobs across the country. 

In Episode 8, Velma reminded Colter to have an open mind after he suggested that Sullivan might not push through with his upcoming wedding. She also helps him with the current mission. 

McEnany previously appeared in Work in Progress, Roomies, and Brown Girl Problems.

Robin Weigert - Teddi Bruin

Robin Weigert as Teddi Bruin
Robin Weigert

Teddi Bruin (played by Robin Weigert) is Velma's wife and Colter's other assistant during his jobs/missions. 

In Episode 8, Teddi works with Velma to help Colter track down the suspect behind Ethan Sullivan's disappearance. 

Weigert is known for her roles in The Sessions, The Good German, and American Horror Story

Eric Graise - Bobby Exley

Eric Graise as Bobby
Eric Graise

Eric Graise reprises his role as Bobby Exley, Colter's expert hacker and owner of his security company. 

Bobby helps Colter uncover more information about Ethan Sullivan, using his skill set to unpack his call log on his cellphone and details about who Ryan Hopkins is. 

Graise has credits in Locke & Key, Queer as Folk, and The Tomorrow War.

Darien Sills-Evans - Sheriff Miller

Darien Sills-Evans as Sheriff Miller
Darien Sills-Evans

One of the prominent guest stars in Tracker Episode 8 is Darien Sills-Evans as Sheriff Miller.

Sheriff Miller was the one responsible for investigating the missing Ethan Sullivan. He agreed to show Colter, Daniella, and Dwayne around the wreckage of Sullivan's car and theorized that Ethan might have been drunk. 

Miller also spoke privately with Colter to tell him that Sullivan might be back to his old drug habits which could ultimately lead to him being declared missing. 

Sills-Evans has over 50 credits, with roles in Persons of Interest, The Lincoln Lawyer, East New York, and The Conners.

Nicole Muñoz - Daniella 

Nicole Muñoz as Daniella
Nicole Muñoz

Nicole Muñoz joins the world of Tracker as Daniella, Ethan Sullivan's fiancé. 

Daniella was desperate to find Sullivan since their wedding was soon to happen, so she offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who could find him. 

While others thought Sullivan might be cheating on her, Daniella insisted that he was excited about their wedding. 

Muñoz's most recognizable role is playing Ellery Lopez in Diggstown. The actress also starred in Van Helsing and A Million Little Things.

Francisco Trujillo Avalos-Davidson - Dwayne Barrera

Francisco Trujillo Avalos-Davidson as Dwayne
Francisco Trujillo Avalos-Davidson

Dwayne Barrera is Daniella's father who wants to find Sullivan as soon as possible since they already paid a lot for the wedding. The character is played on-screen by Francisco Trujillo Avalos-Davidson. 

Dwayne also admitted that Sullivan isn't his first choice as his son-in-law. 

Virgin River fans may recognize Avalos-Davidson for his role as Javier in the Netflix series. The actor has credits in The Good Doctor, The Terror, and iZombie.

Shayn Walker - Ryan

Shayn Walker as Ryan
Shayn Walker

Shayn Walker appears in Tracker Episode 8 as Ryan. 

Ryan is Ethan Sullivan's co-worker who recently argued with him over the phone before he went missing. 

When Colter tracked him down and asked about Sullivan's disappearance, Ryan acted shocked and insisted he was friends with him. 

Walker appeared in minor roles in The CW's The Flash and Supergirl. The actor also has credits in Helstrom and The Good Doctor.

River Codack - Zach

River Codack as Zach
River Codack

River Codack plays Zach, a guy who sneaks up and listens to Colter's conversation in the bar about Sullivan's disappearance. 

Codack's other notable credits include Heartland and Son of a Critch

Anthony DeMare - Clemons 

Anthony DeMare as Clemons
Anthony DeMare 

Anthony DeMare is part of Episode 8's cast as Clemons. 

Clemons is Ethan Sullivan's childhood friend who recently got out of prison. Colter tracks down Clem and thinks that he might be the main suspect.

DeMare is known for his roles in Arrow, Turner & Hooch, and Riverdale

Wendy Argellia - Irene Barrera 

Wendy Argellia as Irene
Wendy Argellia

Wendy Argellia's Irene Barrera is Daniella's mother and Dwayne's wife who is also worried that the wedding might not push through after Ethan Sullivan's disappearance. 

Argellia has credits in Hitman 101, Minority Report, and Beyond.

Anthony Konechny - Ethan Sullivan (Sully)

Anthony Konechny as Sully
Anthony Konechny

Anthony Konechy appears as Ethan Sullivan (Sully), Daniella's fiancé who was assumed missing. 

It was later revealed that Clemons forced him to help his crew break into a warehouse to smuggle drugs. 

Konechny is known for his roles in Fifty Shades of Grey, Animal Kingdom, and X-Men: Apocalypse.

New episodes of Tracker premiere every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS and stream the next day on Paramount+.

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