Tom Holland Helps Spider-Man-Loving Heart Transplant Patient Suit Up For Spider-Verse Video

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When Hollywood's biggest stars join up with the most popular franchises in the industry, many of them have the opportunity to do a lot of good off-camera for their biggest fans. Some of the most heartwarming moments come from these popular superhero actor taking the time to visit people in need, whether they be at hospitals, shelters, or communities in need of assistance.

Even though almost all upcoming blockbusters are still months away from releasing due to numerous delays, there are still plenty of chances for the actors involved in these projects to spread kindness to the world. One of these acts from one of the biggest young stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has just been shared on social media...


A new video posted on social media by Jaimie Trueblood shows Spider-Man star Tom Holland helping Children's Healthcare of Atlanta heart transplant patient Jerry live out his dream of becoming the web-slinger in the Spider-Verse. The 27-second video features Holland tossing a Spider-Man mask to the young man before he suits up in the costume from Spider-Man: Far From Home , followed by the title card "Spider-Jerry: Close to Home."

The Direct spoke with Trueblood, who shared that Holland filmed his portion of the video with Trueblood during production of Spider-Man: Homecoming nearly four years ago. A friend of Trueblood's, Dan McFadden, shot the latter portion of the video with Jerry, while a professional advertising agency, BLT Communications, designed the poster displayed at the end of the clip.

Jerry is currently doing well and absolutely loves the poster and video that were made for him during his recovery, says Trueblood. Donations for Jerry's hospital can be made to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

The full 27-second video can be seen in the tweet below:

Tom Holland has made a name for himself as one of the most generous stars in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially with his time for children in need. He has made visits to multiple children's hospitals across the world , always happy as ever to suit up as his MCU superhero persona to bring smiles to young faces whenever he gets the chance, including this time with Jerry in Atlanta.

He has pulled this same incredible stunt during the press tours for both of his previous solo movies in the MCU, and since he is one of the franchise's youngest stars at only 24 years old, he knows how to use his own childlike enthusiasm to brighten the days of so many kids who desperately need to feel happy. Even though Holland filmed this particular clip years back, this almost certainly won't be the last time he suits up off-camera again as his run in the MCU continues.

Holland is currently in Atlanta, Georgia as he prepares to begin shooting for the MCU's untitled Spider-Man 3 , scheduled to release in theaters on December 17, 2021.

Donations for Jerry and other child patients in the Atlanta area can be made here to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

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