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Here’s the cast of Episode 5 of Netflix’s Tires, an episode that sees the auto shop hosting a desperate bikini car wash.

The new streaming comedy is presented similarly to fan-favorite workplace comedies The Office and Parks and Recreation. However, this time, audiences get to follow the shenanigans around an automotive shop.

Steve Gerben’s Will runs Valley Forge Automotive Center, an auto shop struggling to perform financially, and with acquiring customers—something made all the more difficult by his co-workers.

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The Cast and Characters of Netflix’s Tires

Here are all the performers of Episode 5 of Netflix’s Tires comedy series, which is now streaming its six-episode first season:

Shane Gillis - Shane

Shane Gillis as Shane in Netflix's Tires

Shane, played by Shane Gillis, is the incredibly loud and crass right-hand man to Steve Gern’s Will, who is often drinking on the job. In Episode 5, he is notably excited about the idea of putting on a sexy bikini car wash.

Gillis is most known in the industry for his stand-up comedy work, but he also has a role in both Gilly and Keeves and Bupkis.

Steve Gerben - Will

Steve Gerben as Will in Netflix's Tires

Steve Gerben’s Will is the boss at Valley Forge Automotive Center and does everything he can to make up for lackluster sales at his location. His next brilliant idea is to bring in bikini girls for a sexy carwash to help upsell their excessive stock of tires.

On top of leading the series, Gerben also writes for Tires. He appears in both Gilly and Keeves and Delco Proper.

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Chris O’Connor - Cal

Chris O’Connor's Cal in Netflix's Tires

Chris O’Connor is Cal, a co-worker of Will’s at Valley Forge Automotive Center, who is also notably worried about the big pending buyout of their shop.

O’Connor has had minor roles in Magic City, Burn City, and Depraved.

Kilah Fox - Kilah

Kilah Fox's Kilah in Netflix's Tires

The honor of being the only female worker at Valley Forge Automotive Center goes to Kilah Fox’s Kilah. Thanks to her, Will is able to find the girls needed for his bikini car wash.

Fox also plays a part in Gilly and Keeves alongside a few of her co-stars from Tires.

Stavros Halkias - Dave

Stavros Halkias' Dave in Netflix's Tires

Stavros Halkias is Dave, Will’s manager who works under the character’s father, who owns the location.

Some of Halkias' other projects include Pause with Sam Jay, Salesmen, and Monster Lab.

Dave Johnson - Miles

Dave Johnson's Miles in Netflix's Tires

Dave Johnson plays Miles, a restaurant owner from next door. In Episode 5, he provides temporary refugee for Shane and the bikini girls as Lydia scours the auto shop.

Johnson's only onscreen credit is Netflix's Tires.

Rachel Keefe - Amber

Rachel Keefe’s Amber in Netflix's Tires

Rachel Keefe’s Amber is one of the bikini girls hired to help out at Valley Forge Automotive Center.

Keefe can also be seen in Poser, Valentine Bluffs, and Terrifier 2.

Emely Cartagena - Alexis

Emely Cartagena's Alexis in Netflix's Tires

Alexis, played by Emely Cartagena, is another member of the bikini girls that Will hired. She also happens to be Shane’s favorite.

The actress is mainly known for her stunt work in projects such as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Blue Beetle, and Fallout.

Kerryn Feehan - Reagan

Kerry Feehan as Reagan in Netflix's Tires

Kerryn Feehan plays Reagan, one of the handful of bikini girls trying to help Valley Forge Automotive upsell tires via a sexy car wash.

Tires is Feehan’s biggest onscreen credit to date.

Rachel Aspen - Molly

Rachel Aspen's Molly in Netflix's Tires

Thanks to a sexy car wash organized by Will, Rachel Aspen is hired as a bikini girl to help draw customers.

Aspen can also be seen in Alice and the Vampire Queen.

Ellen McAlpine - Vicki

Ellen McAlpine’s Vicki in Netflix's Tires

Ellen McAlpine’s Vicki is the last of the bikini girls who are putting on a sexy car wash at the Automotive Shop.

The actress also has small roles in Evil Lives Here, The Egos, and The Holidays.

Diana Cherkas - Lydia

Diana Cherkas' Lydia in Netflix's Tires

Lydia, who hails from Maryland’s Mufflers, is portrayed by Diana Cherkas. She’s looking around the shop ahead of a potential buyout, though she quickly becomes fed up with everything going on behind the scenes.

Cherkas can also be seen in My Little Demon, Nightwing: Escalation, and Indigo.

Mike Rainey - Mike

Mike Rainey as Mike in Netflix's Tires

Mike, played by Mike Rainey, is a customer who comes through the bikini car wash. While he loves the experience, he ends up needing some unexpected car help.

Rainey is briefly seen in 21 Bridges, Wild Faith, and Gilly and Keeves.

Mary Radzinski - Mary

Mary Radzinski's Mary in Netflix's Tires

Mary Radzinski's Mary is the angry wife of Mike, who is only seen briefly as she picks up her husband from the shop.

Radzinski is known for her time on Married at First Sight.

Timothy Butterly - Joseph

Timothy Butterly as Joseph in Netflix's Tires

Joseph, Timothy Butterly, is Vicki’s husband, who isn’t too fond of what his wife is up to at the auto shop.

Butterfly’s only on-screen credit is Tires.

Matt McCusker - Max the Cop

Matt McCusker’s Max the Cop in Netflix's Tires

Matt McCusker’s Max the Cop is the goofy law enforcement officer who often rolls into the shop on his bike. This time around, he arrives due to complaints about a man seen luring women into shipping containers.

Like many of his Tires costars, he also appeared in Gilly and Keeves.

Tires is now streaming on Netflix.

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