Full Cast of Tires Netflix Show - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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For fans browsing Netflix, here are the cast and characters of the new Tires comedy series on the streaming platform.

In the same vein as The Office or Parks and Recreation, Tires is a workplace comedy that follows Steve Gerben’s Will as he struggles to run Valley Forge Automotive Center daily—an existence that is often interrupted by rowdy co-workers or problematic customers.

The Cast and Characters of Netflix’s Tires

Shane Gillis - Shane

Shane Gillis on Tires

Shane Gillis is the crass and loud Shane, who seems intent on making the most of any moment—whether that be good or bad for everyone involved. He is also the cousin to Steve Gerben’s Will.

Gillis is known for his stand-up comedy work, but he can also be seen in shows such as Gilly and Keeves and Bupkis.

Steve Gerben - Will

Steve Gerben on Tires

Will, played by Steve Gerben, is the boss at Valley Forge Automotive Center, who is determined to make up for lackluster sales and bring in a steady stream of satisfied customers.

While Gerben is a lead in the show, he also writes for Tires as well. He can also be seen in both Gilly and Keeves and Delco Proper.

Chris O’Connor - Cal

Chris O’Connor on Tires

Cal, portrayed by Chris O’Connor, is a close confidant and co-worker of Will’s at Valley Forge Automotive Center.

O’Connor has had small roles in Magic City, Burn City, and Depraved.

Kilah Fox - Kilah

Kilah Fox’s Kilah on Tires

Kilah Fox’s Kilah is the only female employee of Valley Forge Automotive Center, though she does not ever pull her weight when it comes to getting work done.

The actress can also be seen in Gilly and Keeves alongside a few of her co-stars from Tires.

Stavros Halkias - Dave

Stavros Halkias' Dave on Tires

Stavros Halkias portrays Dave, a man who works under Will’s father, who owns the shop, while also being a manager in the company above Steve Gerben’s character.

Some of Halkias' other projects include Pause with Sam Jay, Salesmen, and Monster Lab.

Andrew Schulz - Schulz

Andrew Schulz on Tires

Schulz, played by Andrew Schulz, is one part of the duo named “the wops,” both of whom are loud and obnoxious and tend to make a scene whenever they enter a room.

The actress can also be seen in Upgraded, The Underdoggs, and White Men Can’t Jump.

Tommy Pope - Tommy

Tommy Pope as Tommy in Tires

As the second member of the duo coined "the wops," Tommy Pope is Tommy, a vocal man who works nearby at Andiamo Auto Sales.

Some of Pope’s previous small roles include Delco Proper, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.

Bob Senkewicz - Arnold

Bob Senkewicz's Arnold in Tires

Arnold, played by Bob Senkewicz, is the oldest team member at Valley Forge Automotive Center. It is often noted that he’s a slower worker and is chastised about it frequently.

Pokemon fans might recognize Senkewicz’s voice from Pokemon the Movie: Black - Victini and Reshiram and Victini and Zekrom.

Francis Ellis - George

Francis Ellis’ as George in Tires

Francis Ellis’ George works at George Blaine Window Panes, and he’s very vocal about how pleased he is with his annual income. It does not take long for him to single out Shane to try and get him to quit Valley Forge Automotive Center.

Ellis can also be seen in Gilly and Keeves, Barstool Yak, and The Rest of Your Life.

Tires is now streaming on Netflix.

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