Who Is Steve Gerben? 4 Things to Know About Tires' Will Actor

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Steve Gerben from Tires

Actor and comedian Steve Gerben portrays Will in Netflix's newest comedy, Tires, and there are some interesting facts that fans should know about him.

Although Gerben starred in Tires, he is also the co-creator of the new show.

Tires also stars Shane Gillis (another co-creator) and Andrew Schulz and follows Gerben's character, Will, as he tries to save his father's auto shop from going under.

4 Interesting Facts About Steve Gerben

Steve Gerben in Tires
Steve Gerben in Tires

Steve Gerben's Love for Stand-Up Started in High School

Steve Gerben did not just recently get into comedy. His love for it, particularly stand-up, started while he was still in high school.

In an interview with Helium Comedy Club, Gerben revealed that he was "a narcissist" and did "Lewis Black bits at the cafeteria table in high school:"

"I was a narcissist and convinced that I was funny. I always loved watching stand-up when I was young. I used to do Lewis Black bits at the cafeteria table in high school; it felt great getting laughs."

In the same interview, Gerben also mentioned where his material comes from, saying, "It is a combination of personal experiences and observations."

Steve Is Inspired by Christopher Titus

Like nearly every other comedian throughout history, Steve Gerben was inspired by others before him.

While there are likely many names he could easily rattle off when asked who inspired him, Christopher Titus (who has also been credited as an actor) was the first and main person to influence Gerben.

In the same interview with Helium Comedy Club, Gerben revealed that he is a fan of Titus' work "as a storyteller" while also giving a bit of credit to Bill Cosby:

"I think every comic has multiple favorite comedians for different reasons. As a story-teller, the headliner this week– Christopher Titus had a huge influence on me. Cosby as well."

Gerben was also asked to share his favorite show he has ever performed at, which he answered with "Philly's Phunniest Person Competition," stating that it was "the first and last time" he ever "did decent crowd work:"

"I did one show when I was hosting the Philly’s Phunniest Person Competition in which I actually did decent crowd work. It was the first and last time. My friend who was taping the show was laughing in astonishment that I was able to produce a witty retort and accidentally dropped the camera ruining the footage. I’m not saying he did it, but ask Dave Walk."

Steve Had a Viral Comedy Sketch Before Tires

Tires may become Steve Gerben's big break into the acting world, but the comedian has had other successes off-screen and off-stage in social media.

In 2018, Gerben filmed and posted a short video (shared via Facebook) where men (all played by Gerben) from different periods throughout United States history argued about immigrants taking jobs away from White men.

The sketch received over 183,000 views, cementing the piece as a viral modern comedy.

Gerben's direction, writing, and acting in the video could have contributed to Netflix's greenlighting of Tires, especially considering Gerben is a main character in the show.

Steve Previously Starred in Comedy Central's Delco Proper

Before his role in Tires, Steve Gerben also played in Comedy Central's Delco Proper, specifically starring as Gordy in a sketch titled "A Family Business."

In it, Gerben's father, the owner of a body shop, is retiring and wants to hand the business down to his son, Gordy.

However, the employees hate Gordy, which prompts them to harass him.

Gerben also appeared in Gilly and Keeves (as shared via YouTube) alongside Shane Gillis.

In an episode titled "Kidnapped," Gerben portrays Gillis' son who has been kidnapped for ransom. However, his father doesn't want him back and makes a deal with the kidnapper to keep Gerben's character for the weekend for $400.

How To Follow Steve Gerben Online

Those wanting to keep up with Steve Gerben's career and personal life can do so on Instagram (@stevegerben).

Tires Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

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